Welcome to Luxembourg: I’m Nour from Damascus

Big hello with lots of sunshine to all of our JAA club followers!

I am Nur from Damascus, Syria and live in Luxembourg
Living in Luxembourg for almost two years. I studied business management and languages. I speak English, Spanish and Italian and my native tongue is Arabic. At the moment I’m struggling with learning French :-))
I worked as an office manager for 3 years. Then got involved into translation and interpretation for 4 years before and during the war in Syria.

Just like anyone coming here, I needed some time to find my way in Luxembourg: meeting new people, participating to the different events and creating your new network of friends.

Facebook/linkedin helped at the beginning, as a first approach. But later I started to get a grasp on real country, the people, the laws and regulations.  Our differences are interesting, sometimes you can not understand them or are even aware of them. But once you do it feels so good !  And you realize that the step forward was worth it.
Luxembourg is one of the safest country in Europe. It is very clean, life style standards are high. Peaople respect rights and duties. It can be resumed as a great example for multiculturism, individual initiatives and good intentions.

Now I am here, searching for my purpose in life

Trying to find what I love and what I can do to make my life and others better. Studying more, acting in the show « Letters from Luxembourg », singing (oh no that would be a disaster), dancing, writing, working in banks and companies, dive in socials, … What can I do exactly?
I can do everything as long as I love it. There are million of things we can do why then limit and catagorise ourselves.. Our limits are beyond skies.

Now after this short time in Luxembourg I feel blessed to have wonderful friends. My life is slowly progressing. I develop my ideas and change in different directions. My life experience is enriching with time.

Being part of the JAA club is giving me more space to express myself and reach out to the people where we can share mutual ideas, information or even feelings.

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