Volunteering in Luxembourg ? A nice way to integrate

You have just arrived to Luxembourg and wish to integrate ? The JAA Club suggests to have a look to the KORU association activities and volunteering in this association. KORU a.s.b.l. is a Luxembourg based peace building organisation created in 2017 to respond to the emotional, physical and spiritual needs of people, particularly vulnerable groups in Luxembourg.

Starting from the premise of self-empowerment and personal responsibility, Koru offers people access to holistic techniques that can easily be incorporated into daily life to reduce stress and anxiety, deal with complex feelings and emotions, and handle conflicts as well as many other daily challenges in a more effective way.

These tools are based on millennial practices that consider the person to be a connection of mind, body, spirit, with feelings and emotions, memories, and a unique identity. Special emphasis is paid to the art of breathing which, if practiced well, reduces stress and brings about balance and strength. One of Koru’s aims therefore is to encourage participants to nurture all of these facets and achieve maximum well-being.

Koru believes that when the individual is well in all aspects of life this will have a direct effect, almost like a domino effect, on the proceeding layers in our society. For example, it is important to address and try to solve disputes whether they be in the family, workplace or in the political arena. However, if, as individuals we do not feel well on a physical, emotional and spiritual level, it is difficult to conceive of any long-lasting constructive changes taking place. This is why Koru is committed to each one of us “being the change” in order to contribute to peace and cohesion in our society.

Part of our mission is also to enable people to discover, know and empower themselves.
This can be achieved through the techniques we teach and also through the interactive activities we offer that encourage intercultural dialogues, diversity awareness, non-violent communication and team-building.

Koru is an association that has no religious or political affiliation.
We welcome people who would like to work with us on a voluntary basis both on the field and also with administrative tasks. Please do not hesitate to contact us. You will be most welcome!

Learn more about Koru’s projects through the testimonies page.

Photo credits Koru’s website.

Interested in volunteering in Luxembourg? More information here.


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