The art group TAG: 20 ladies and many nationalities

In Luxembourg women are very keen on getting together creating networks and finding a common ground of collaboration. Women supportive networks are a very interesting mean to get involved in the local society, build relationships and ultimately integrate better.

The Art Group TAG is composed of around 20 women of all ages, from a variety of international and local backgrounds.

The Art Group is active in many different facets of Art ranging from painting, sculpture and ceramics through to jewelry and photography, with different members specialising in one or more of these disciplines. We believe TAG represents the best of Luxembourg‘s many cultures and backgrounds. TAG has exhibited work many times throughout Luxembourg and continues to be very active in the creative domain.
We are presently 20 artists in the group which was started at Marijane Andreopoulos  table 12 years ago with an invitation to 5 other artists and has been growing and  active in adding projects and support over the years.

We are amateurs and professionals from nine countries, this has varied over the years.  Some ladies have had one-person shows, and some have only exhibited in group.
If you want more information about the group you can write to : Marijane or Hulya.

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