Su-mei Tse

Su-Mei Tse : walking and pausing…

Su-Mei Tse, the Golden Lion award winner for best national pavilion (Luxembourg) at the 2003 Venice Biennale, has a solo exhibition at the Nosbaum Reding Gallery.

Su-Mei Tse is indeed an example of  Multicultural LuxembourgBorn and raised in Luxembourg from a family of musicians (Chinese father – cellist / English mother – pianist) she combines, in her work,  the cultural traditions of both parents.

Graduated from the Beaux-Arts in Paris, she is also professionally trained as cellist. Music is not only part of her educational background but is very much present in her visual work in which hints or references to sound and music can be found.
Su-Mei Tse’s audience needs to be open to a multi-sensorial experience!
The sound, the image, the nature, the landscape, the body, cultural symbols are all contributing to the creation of  Su-Mei Tse’s original language. 

A great example of the search of multiple communication channels touching the different senses of the spectator is  the work « L’Echo »   with which she won the prestigious Golden Lion award at the 50th Venice Biennale in 2003.
The video L’Echo (2003) shows the artist and her cello near the edge of a mountain canyon. She listens to the surrounding landscape before playing. She waits. She starts a duet with the nature. The cello sound reverberates then in the landscape.

Su-Mei Tse’s works are a form of invitation to slow down, to pause, observe, meditate.
The concept of time, interpreted according to the musical rules (rhythm/pauses), is a recurrent theme in her work which is approached from different angles and artistic means.

At the Nosbaum Reding Gallery you will have the great opportunity to discover the eclectic language of this artist through examples of her different works going from photography, neon-installations and sculptures.
The exhibition is open until the 28.7.2018.

PS: at the Gallery it is possible to buy the new catalogue “Nested” of Su-Mei Tse, designed by Anja Lutz, who is also exposing her works at Nosbaum Reding Projects.

Photo credit of cover article image: Nosbaum Reding.

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