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Pub quizzes, a driver for integration

Have you ever watched an episode of « Jeopardy »? « University Challenge »? « Who wants to be a millionaire »? « L’eredità » (for the Italians out there)? I suppose you have, so this might be interesting…

Home to a wide and diverse quiz scene, Luxembourg City offers good excuses aplenty to shake the laziness off of one’s mind, and to be an active part of a trivia event. An established tradition in the United Kingdom, pub quizzes are quite big in the Grand Duchy as well. Usually packed with people of different nationalities, they are a solid driver for integration as the setting can foster interactions and exchanges among the pub-goers.

A varied offer and a bit of everything for everyone

The offer is varied: you can find trivia based on music, general knowledge, movies, etc.
Sure, there might be a tiny drawback in that the questions, especially in the general knowledge ones, are a bit on the British-oriented side. But that’s not always the case, thus there’s generally a bit of everything for everyone!  Indeed, to take part in these events you generally need an average level of knowledge. And even if you ended up in the last place, it wouldn’t be a tragedy, right?

How does it work?

Well, the procedure is actually very straightforward:

  1. check for an event on the pubs’ Facebook pages (links below),
  2. reserve a table, usually through said Facebook pages (a team is usually composed of 4-6 players maximum, but one can also play alone, if they feel brave enough…),
  3. get to the pub on time and pay the fee (never higher than 3 euro per person),
  4. listen carefully to the rules (leave your smartphone alone when answering the questions: cheating is not allowed, of course),
  5. write your answers on the sheet of paper you received at the beginning, and…
  6. win the quiz (or lose – but thinking positive always helps!).

List of the pubs organizing Quiz in Luxembourg

The Pyg (19, Rue de la Tour Jacob in Clausen)

A the Pyg, they organize a General knowledge quiz every second Monday, alternating with the Tube (see below). In this classic Irish pub, the participation fee is 2,5 euro per person and you can also win a drink thanks to a mid-quiz game open to everybody. The winning team (up to 6 people) wins at least half of the pot.

Rocas (33, Rue des Capucins in the city center)

At Rocas  the Blind quiz is on. I’ve never been there, so I can’t really tell you what it’s all about. I’ve heard good things about it, though, but I’ve also been told this is quite an interactive event. What that means, I don’t know for sure, but I guess you’re in for some singing, or answers-shouting. Anyways, they have a good selection of beers (mainly Belgian, if I’m not wrong) that will help you decompress and – if you really have to sing – abandon your pride and dignity at the door.

Rock solid (30, Rue de la Poste at Hamilius)

At Rock solid,it’s all about music. Good music, not that thing millennials call music. This is the house of rock and metal. Here, once a month – usually the last Wednesday – you and your team (up to 4 people) can show all your music-that-is-worth-listening-related knowledge thanks to the Rock quiz (sometimes replaced by a Metal quiz). Be prepared, though: it starts late and ends later (check their Facebook page from time to time for more accurate info). To be honest, the evening is not so much about winning – still, the first three teams get vouchers to spend on the premises – as it is about spending a night out listening to good music (have I already pointed that out?), discovering new bands and chatting with your teammates. (That is, if they don’t have that strong Irish accent that leaves you puzzled oftentimes…) (Hi, Andrew! Don’t worry, everything’s fine!) You can also munch on a selection of foods and enjoy cocktails and a limited array of beers. Ah, participation is free and, in fact, you can also go and look for a team to join on the spot.

Tatties (6, Grand-Rue in the city center)

At Tatties, you can take part in the General knowledge quiz, which is held each and every Friday. The fee is 2 euro per person and the winner team (up to 4 people) takes home a big percentage of the pot. Here, while quizzing your evening away with some Simon Pils/IPA on draft or a smoothie or two, you can also eat dinner (jacket potatoes, nachos, etc.) – which is convenient, as the events start around 19.30.
Plus, if you’re a fan of movies and TV series, you might want to take a shot at their Movie quiz (once or twice a month, check their events’ page on Facebook): theme songs, dialogues from movies and trivia about your favourite actors and directors will have you leaving the place at the end of the quiz with the unbearable feeling of getting older and older because you knew the answer to that ’80s question, yet graciously balanced by the fact that you actually could still remember the answer to that ’80s question…

The Tube (8, Rue Sigefroi in the city center)

At the Tube, the General knowledge quiz is on every second Monday. The entry fee is 3 euro per person and you can bring a team of up to 5 people.
On a side note: this is my favourite place in Luxembourg for trying new beers, as they have a constantly changing, huge selection of canned or bottled IPAs and NEIPAs, from far and away – but also near, as the local scene continues to evolve. Plus, some of the draught beers are guest beers and rotate frequently, which is not so common elsewhere. I personally commend them for their efforts in this branch of « research »…
There is one last thing to stress, to end on a more serious note: usually, the winner takes (part of) the money or the voucher, but sometimes a quiz is organized where the full pot goes to charity. Last year, that has been the case for a couple of quizzes at the Tube, for example: the funds raised were doubled by the pub owners and then donated to the local Stëmm vun der Strooss (

In two weeks, on Monday, November 19th, the Pyg will host a charity quiz and the proceeds will go to a charity organization. Check it out: that might be the perfect night to start a new trend in your Luxembourgish life!

by Andrea, italian expat in Luxembourg

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