Nopeschfest, meet your neighbours!

On Friday 29th, May 2020 (often over the weekend and following week too) Luxembourg should celebrate Nopeschfest (Neighbours Festival, Fête des voisins). All over the country, neighbours will come together to eat, meet and make friends.

Unfortunately, following Covid-19, the 2020 edition of Neighbours’ Day is cancelled. Rendez-vous in 2021, the date has been set for May 28, 2021.

Here in Luxembourg we don’t need a special occasion to organise such events. But for that special day, local communes actively encourage the coming together of neighbours by offering benches, tables and various other promotional material.

Last year a couple of streets in our neighbourhood joined together in a local play park on a Sunday afternoon to celebrate for the first time, it was a lovely occasion. The weather was good and we all arrived with BBQs, salads and drinks to share, so it really was not too much organisation. For many of us it was the first time that we had ever made acquaintance. Between us we counted 60 neighbours of all ages (6 months – 92 years), 13 different nationalities, two dogs and even a horse! In these troubled times getting to know your neighbours and living in peace and harmony has never been more important – one of the many reasons we love Luxembourg!

So go on take the initiative and organise a celebration in your neighbourhood, you never know you may make lifelong friends and it is always handy when you need a cup of sugar!

Invitations and downloads for publicity can be found on Nopeschfest and you can also like the Facebook Page and share your photographs 

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