Impressions about Luxembourg

Lithuanians sharing their unique Luxembourgish experience

Two Lithuanians Ineta and Vicky have recently settled in Luxembourg and share their unique experience since their arrival.

Ineta and Vicky moved to Luxembourg for professional reasons

Ineta arrived in August 2017 to start a new job in the legal field. « I arrived here on a rainy summers evening of August 2017, with a baggage full of fears of what it will happen, settling down in a small village called Greisch » noted by Ineta. But despite difficulties at that time she was looking for a challenge in her career.

Vicky in Gasperich (Photo: Agne Sileikaite)

Whereas Vicky was studying her master degree in Maastricht, close to Luxembourg and during the recruitment event at university, it was suggested that she should apply for jobs in Luxembourg. So she applied, was invited for the interview, and received a job offer the next day. It was a very sudden and fast process. Since October 2015 she has worked in the international taxation and finance field.

When Ineta arrived to the country, the most surprising thing was how well Luxembourg is organized to welcome the expats by ensuring easy and fast process for the registration of residence, application, receipt of tax, social security numbers and opening of a bank account, etc. It was easier than expected since Ineta did not know none of the official languages at the time.

First impressions

Having heard some people complaining about the weather in Luxembourg, Ineta was also nicely surprised. Until November – she said – she could spend lunch breaks at the beautiful park nearby and enjoy the sun! “My friends from the South would smile ironically, but they should spend a winter of falling temperatures to – 20 C in the Baltics!” shares Ineta.

Ineta in the city of Luxembourg (Photo: Akvile Razauskiene)

Multicultural environment, healthcare system, speedy growth of the infrastructure, sport events, safety and the cleanness of the public places are among the things that both Ineta, and Vicky like most about Luxembourg. Being an international financial centre, Luxembourg offers many job opportunities, especially in legal/banking and finance sectors, whereas professionals can grow and shape their careers in an international and multicultural working environment, offering various opportunities in training and courses.

On the other hand, both mentioned that Luxembourg is an extremely expensive place to afford a property. Luxembourg could also offer more activities such as cultural events, music festivals, better public transport connections and geographical coverage in terms of frequency. Accessibility of service providers at a convenient time (i.e. the internet providers, electricians, locksmiths, hairdressers and etc.) could be also improved. Hopefully somebody is working on this.

If you have to leave Luxembourg tomorrow, Ineta said, she would miss an international environment, the feeling to be a part of a community and not an expat, excluded from the context, career growth opportunities, balance between private and working life. Whereas Vicky mentioned that she would yarn for the picturesque scenery of hills and castles, peacefulness and sense of security.

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