Learning the history of Luxembourg @ the Luxembourg City Musem 

Since may 2017 the museum olds  a permanent exibition about The Luxembourg Story

Despite its very small size Luxembourg has a very rich history which somehow reflects the complexity of the European history.

The turbulent and some how complex history of Luxembourg is presented in an easy-to-understand path where objects are presented, with a new variable colour-coded panelling system helping to better highlight different themes.

By following the chronology of urban development, divided into four major periods and 17 topics, the exhibition focuses on the most important and characteristic aspects of each period.
The exhibition extends within 2,200m2 of impressive space on three floors.

The Luxembourg Story is also accessible thourgh interactive tools to help visitors deepen their understanding of how Luxembourgers used to live.

The topics are:

10th to 18th century
The medieval town – The fortress – Citizens and soldiers – Churches and monasteries
19th century
The path to independence – The capital city – The end of the fortress – The open city – The industrial city – Trade in the city – The citizens’ city
20th century
The city in crisis – Under German occupation – The European city – The financial centre – The changing city
21st century
Future Outlook

The City of Luxembourg and the JAA Club invite you to come to one of our next events to discover this very intersting and unique museum !
The next meet-up integration meeting of the JAA Club is on the 18/01.
If you miss it the next one will be on Thursday 19.4.2018.


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