The JAA Club @Lëtzebuerg City Museum: chronicle of the event

On April, 19 2018 the JAA Club opened its doors to welcome about forty guests and ambassadors at its public event which took place on the Luxembourg City Museum location.

The regular Welcome part of the event took place at the Training Hall of the LCM. The guests were greeted by the representative of the VDL  who described the actions undertaken by the Commune Administration to make the process of integration smoother for those who just arrived to Luxembourg. The floor than was taken by the JAA Club Coordinator, explaining the mission of the Club and showed a video about how JAA Club is operating to assist people in their integration process .

The final and the most fascinating part of the event was kind of a surprise prepared by the Organizers for the audience : Vanessa Buffone and her « Within atelier d’écriture”.

That is how Vanessa herself presents her project:

Atelier d'écriture
Atelier d’écriture

« We are a group of lovers of the written word. We believe in it as an instrument of prosperity, at least of ours, at least of the one we carry inside. We write, publish and present our books to the public. »

Through workshops and individual coachings with Vanessa, each member of the group creates and develops his/her own text, each creative process is personal. Each one writes in the language he/she chooses. The texts are published in the mother tongue (or any other chosen language) and in, at least, one of the local languages of Luxembourg. We love to write, with the joy of our naked souls, expressing ourselves freely, learning from one another. Everyone is invited to share what she/he has, when and as much as he/she can. This gift is, by nature, ephemeral, transient, free and spontaneous. It is within this exchange of experiences that ideas grow, are organised, are worked on collectively and individually, and become a book. There are many ways of expression, but it is only with poetry that we can truly say something ».

The participants were invited to enjoy storytelling together with Vanessa and her colleagues from « Within atelier d’écriture”. During the animation they had an opportunity not only to listen to already written stories but also tell their own ones. We hope some of you were inspired and who knows – may be one day you would start writing your own story.

Vanessa Buffone telling a story
Vanessa Buffone telling a story

Traditionally, the event was facilitated by the VDL which prepared useful « presents » – a bag with a lot of booklets, brochures, and the Just Arrived book. The catering was well served by  ElisabethisintheKithchen and the guests were able to enjoy finger food and some drinks together.

Those of you who joined us for the event and has words to comment – you are very welcome! And we are off to prepare for the next meeting which will be the last one during this season.

We are waiting for you on May, 17 2018 at Cinématèque.
The event is free but requires registration.

Come and bring your friends – everybody is very welcomed!

You can find more pics on the event on the JAA Club FaceBook page.


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