It’s sign up time ! Adult education in Luxembourg

As the memories of summer fade, nights draw in and students are back to school many of us are signing up to evening classes to fill those winter evenings and learn a new skill.

Whether you are thinking about learning a language, to play guitar or try Bollywood dancing, you can find classes to suit most interests in Luxembourg. Often it is just about knowing where to look.

My experience of adult education here in Luxembourg has been very good, a few years ago I signed up with my local commune and attended evening classes to learn Luxembourgish. Not only did I gain the basics in the language but I also madesome great friends all living locally.

Since then I have taken an evening fitness course, Indian Cookery Class and am about to start a floristry workshop this week. There are so many courses on offer, never worry that language will be a barrier, take yourself out of your comfort zone and who knows as well as learning a skill you may even pick up another language. Often our jobs do little to fulfill our creativity desire, taking a course can be the perfect way to open your mind and fill that gap.

Most communes offer language and art classes so always best to look locally first.

The following links may also be of interest:

If you need more evidence and a little motivation to start that course, then a recent study  by Oxford University scientists have confirmed that taking part in the weekly sessions can boost wellbeing – regardless of the subject studied.

  • Employability: to develop confidence, understanding and skills to help adults, at all stages of their lives, participate more fully in the world of work.
  • Health & Wellbeing: to combat inequalities and promote a social and preventative model of health and well-being
  • Community Engagement: to combat social exclusion and promote active citizenship.
  • Culture: to broaden horizons through understanding cultures, identities and environments embodying our commitment to social purposes.

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