Shruti Tulsian: Indian women entrepreneur in Luxembourg

Nationality: IndianSurry
In Luxembourg for 5 years
Year of commencement of your business 2016
Association’s web site

Shruti, tell us what are your company’s objectives?

Our organization (association) aims at enhancing Mental Math techniques through the concepts of Vedic Maths techniques. These are ancient techniques discovered in India from Vedas called Vedic Mathematics.
These techniques are based on 16 word Formulas written in Sanskrit in Vedas. An Indian Sage,  Bharti Krishna Tirthaji Maharaj, decoded it. These techniques are easy to follow and can solve tough and complex math problems MENTALLY without use of calculators.  Our aim is also to conduct awareness talks, discussion sessions, workshops, maths clubs, and seminars to spread the concepts of Vedic Maths.

Why do you do what you do?

I came across lot of kids and adults who suffers from maths-phobia in my global journey from India to US to UK to Luxembourg. Even Luxembourg is among lower ranked countries in numeracy among other EU countries and OECD as per PISA rankings.

Students are dropping out of Advanced level mathematic subject choices at a early stage in secondary school. I felt socially responsible to use my competencies and skill to work towards reducing maths-phobia from the up- coming generation and impart love towards numbers by bringing up the one and only unique concepts of ancient techniques discovered in India from Vedas called Vedic Mathematics. My Inspiration are Young Indian Kids who are following this wonderful system in their schools and want to bring them to Europe.

What do you offer?

Currently we are offering various flexible learning courses and programs on Vedic Maths Techniques through Offline and Online services in various Languages such as English / French / Italian / Hindi etc. Anyone can learn Vedic Math techniques at any time. That is why our public ranges from 3 year lot to university level. We also adpat the program to kids having specific needs and learning difficulties.

What is the legal entity of your organisation?

We are registered with Register of Commerce. We are recognised as an education association and academy under the comprise of Luxembourg regulatory laws governed by the law of 21 April 1928 on associations and non-profit foundations, as amended.

How was you experience with the registration process?

The registration process was simple and straightforward. I received lot of guidance from Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce and Ministry of Economy. I also took professional / legal advice from Big 4 consulting firms on various topics such as VAT, Accounting and Record Keeping. The whole process from concept to registration took approx. ~3 – 6 months.

Your proud achievements in business so far…

I am very satisfied that I had very good feedbacks from kids and parents about having being able to take them out of their fear for numbers and Maths-Phobia.

I’m also very happy that some teachers and numerous parents of students in European School have recognized the usefulness of Vedic Maths Techniques. Various Luxembourg associations invited  me as Speaker. The goal is to share experience and talks about Vedic Maths techniques, and its benefits. Including an exclusive interview session on Local Luxembourg Radio channel.

I also  participated to specific events to  make awareness about Vedic Maths Techiques in high footfall events Such as India Day Celebrations in Place D’Armes, Learning sessions offered in International Bazaar, Event Targeted for Young Kids (Top Kids event organized by Brain&More).

What is your USP (Unique Selling Points)?

Flexibility of Times (for Online Learning – Teachers available 24X7 across various time zones) / Easy Methods & Techniques / Non Monotonous Fun Learnings / Price Affordability / Personal 1-on-1 Sessions for structured Learning.

Any groups (both online & offline) that you recommend:

Teachers and Students of various Educational Institutions & Schools in Luxembourg / Training & Coaching Centers or Academies.

Are you willing to mentor an aspiring entrepreneur?

I would be happy to mentor someone.
They can email me at
Tel:  +352 661 824 574.

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