Neha Bhandari : Indian women entrepreneur in Luxembourg

Nationality: Indian.
In Luxembourg for 4 years
Educational background Masters in Apparel Marketing & Management, Bachelors in Business Administration, Specialization in Personal & Wardrobe styling.
Company’s name: StylizedU,
Year of commencement of business 2015

Company’s profile?

“StylizedU” is a Personal Styling company. At “StylizedU” we assist clients in making appropriate clothing choices based on their personality, body type, color, lifestyle, work environment etc. We also, declutter and revamp wardrobes. Our services are available off line and online to both men and women. Services are provided both in groups and on one-on-one basis!

What kind of services exactly I provide…

I have a different type of clients who I accompany in different occasions for different needs like : getting ready for an interview, gala or a wedding or a special event,  helping men, women, teenagers and college students discovering their style, getting the right style for people and products for photoshoots, proposing corporate workshops for employees on clothing etiquettes etc., advising on revamping/decluttering individual’s wardrobe.

Why I do what I do?

Having moved to Luxembourg as a tailing wife with a 5yr and 3yr old, I was keen to start working again… I met a few enthusiastic women entrepreneurs at the Mumpreneurs coffee morning. The group inspired me to embark on this entrepreneurial journey myself… with my educational qualifications and work experience in fashion retailing, I carved a niche for myself as a Personal Stylist in Luxembourg.

How is the company legally registered?

I have an authorization document from the government stating my Authorization number to work as an Independent in Luxembourg.

How long did the registration process take?

The registration process was very straight forward for me. I got my authorization number within 2 months of submitting all the required documents.

Proud achievements in business so far? 

Well,  the best is to check some testimonials on my web site!
Otherwise I’m proud to say that my work got the attention of the local media (Telecran, Delano, The Wort, City Savvy’ blog, local radio stations) and I have very good feedbacks from my clients. Also, the fact that I’m developing  more and more events & workshops with private organizations and entrepreneurs in Luxembourg.

My USP (unique selling points)?

My international experience and outlook. Since Lux is a country largely comprising of expats, my fluency in English is a boon to attract clients.

Groups that I recommend as an entrepreneur:

I am also willing to mentor as an aspiring entrepreneur.
Please contact me by e mail via

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