Indian women entrepreneurs : NEHA PODDAR – Photographer & Graphic Designer, Nehapoddarphotography

Nationality: Indian
How long have you been in Lux – 2 Years
Your educational background  Textile Designer Graduate from National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi
Year of commencement of your business – July 2016
Company Profile : Graphic design, Photography of family, lifestyle, products!
How are you registered in Lux? Your legal entity? Freelance Graphic Designer.
How long did the registration process take from start to finish & your experience with it.
It took a total of three months. Pretty happy with the way things moved.

Why do you do what you do?

I moved here following my husband who has a steady job in the city. I had my own company back in India of Home Furnishings which I slowly wound up and began searching for work in Luxembourg city and country.

It was very difficult for me to get a work in textile design field because of language issues and no major design houses head offices being in Luxembourg.

I luckily found some freelance work and did a few graphic design projects and designed a lot of scarves for the brand Wear Diversity.

I was always a passionate photographer and my husband convinced me to start clicking again and go professional. I did many free photo shoots to create a portfolio for people to see and judge my work. Now I happily work as a freelance photographer and do some graphic design work now and then.

Who is your typical customer?

Lot of professional individuals looking for profile shots and family photography.

Your proud achievements in business so far

All happy customers, not a single complaint!

What is your USP (unique selling point)?

A good command in post processing of the photos.

Any groups (both online & offline) that you recommend being a part of in order to get clients/visibility/ business/mentorship/ collaboration.

Parents of Luxembourg group on Facebook.

Are you willing to mentor an aspiring entrepreneur? If yes, how should they contact you?

Yes, email me at

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