Indian women entrepreneurs : MADHUMALTI SHARMA – Founder and President, Workshop4Me Asbl

Nationality: Indian
How long have you been in Lux?  For the past 8 years
Educational background?
Master of Science (Information Technology) from Karnataka State University
Master of Entrepreneurship and Innovation from University of
Project Management Professional from Project Management Institute
Professional Diploma in Software Technology and Systems Management
from National Institute of Information Technology
Bachelor of Commerce (Accountancy Honours)

Year of commencement of your business? We have been in operation since 2014.
How are you registered in Lux? Your legal entity?
We are a non-profit organization, registered as an a.s.b.l.
How long did the registration process take from start to finish & your experience with it.
Very smooth registration process. It took an hour to do the registration and then come back with the process completed.

Company’s Profile

Workshop4Me is about bringing coding skills into the children early on so that they develop an interest in the issues around them so that they grow up to be the problem solvers of the world. We teach both software and hardware with emphasis on applied knowledge. Some of them are Scratch, Mobile application development, Website building, Python and a host of others.

Why do you do what you do?

I come from a country where the resources and infrastructure are stressed. I have come to a country where all of these are
available in plenty. However I see a mismatch. Being here, my objective is to inspire those who have got everything to use their time well to acquire new skills early on and get involved in solving the problems the world faces today.

Who is your typical customer?

Our typical customer is a shy yet curious 10 year old child who walks into our sessions holding the finger of their parents. Their eyes expand and they get amazed with what they see during the session. They tell their parents ‘I want to
stay here. You may go home’. We have so many such beautiful stories to share.

Your proud achievement in business so far

  • Microsoft and Cisco collaborating with us;
  • Ministry of Education inviting us for running workshop during inauguration of Makerspace;
  • Having received invitation to be Keynote speaker at CodeMotion Milan, speaker at TEDx India, Women in Technology Amsterdam, Marketing Management Kongress Berlin, LIFT Geneva.

What is your USP (unique selling point)?

We create awareness in parents that your child can do more than what you or they think of themselves.

Any groups (both online, offline) that you recommend being a part of in order to get clients/ visibility/ business/mentorship/ collaboration

I will recommend budding entrepreneurs to be part of business forums like Bloomberg, technology groups like MIT Technology Review and be part of Open Learning platforms like Coursera, EdX.

Are you willing to mentor an aspiring entrepreneur? If yes, how should they contact you?

Yes. They may reach out over email.

Your company name, website, fb page, Instagram, twitter etc. useful links

Workshop4Me a.s.b.l
Facebook page

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