Discovering Indian women entrepreneurs in Luxembourg

Why many indian woman become entrepreneurs in Luxembourg ? A lot of us Indian women move to Luxembourg following our husbands as tailing wives. But, with all our education qualifications & enriching work experience we soon begin to search our own footing….

Some of us struggle with the multiple language requirements of jobs in Luxembourg. Others with the work permit requirements. Some are unable to find a perfect job that satisfies our need for work life balance!
For all these reasons, a lot of us are motivated  to dive into entrepreneurship.

Therefore, it is no surprise that the number of women entrepreneurs is on the rise within the Indian community.

Setting up a business in Luxembourg comes with its own set of challenges. Having interactions with many other entrepreneurs, I realize that it is a “no one size fits all” kind of affair!

The requirements of documentation, authorizations, licenses etc vary with the number of years you have lived in Luxembourg, your residency status, the type of business you want to set up, … etc.

Since there is so much ambiguity in this process of entrepreneurship, I have compiled a series of articles presenting the businesses of some successful Indian women entrepreneurs in Luxembourg. My hope is that it will inspire and guide some aspiring women to join us on this entrepreneurial journey. Moreover it can provide them mentors on this exciting endeavour! Welcome aboard!


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