Indian women entrepreneurs : Carla Gianchandani – reflexologist, happyfeet-happybody

Carla Gianchandani

Nationality :  Portuguese, married to an Indian from last 24 Years
How long have you been in Lux? 28 Years
Your educational background? Master in Reflexology from National Institute of Reflexology.

Year of commencement of your business? 2008
Company Profile:

HappyFeet HappyBody
Facebook- reflexologie.
How are you registered in Lux? Your legal entity?
I am registered in my own name as an Independent.
How long did the registration process take from start to finish & your experience with it.
Very quick within a few weeks.

Why do you do what you do?

Because I love to meet people and help people and what better way to help them while listening and sharing great experiences. Usually the passion at work doesn’t go unnoticed, everybody can see and compliment how well I work including my attitude towards them or my work too.

Who is your typical customer?

Everybody under stress or needing non-medical support.

Your proud achievement in business so far.

My testimonials speak for my work. Below I would like to present 2 testimonials:

An Air Hostess (CLIENT):
 “Reflexology enabled me to get rid for good of certain issues which used to make my everyday life more difficult. With time I became far less anxious and I could also recover from certain physical issues such as my difficulty breathing well. My body started working better together with my emotions, and as a result I managed to put order in my thoughts and so to take the best decisions for myself and to move forward. I can only recommend this way of well-being therapy for the body and the mind!”

European commission translator (CLIENT):
“I initially consulted Carla to see if she could help me with pain management following a herniated disc. Not only were her treatments helpful for the pain, I also found that I was less stressed and had a better quality of sleep. I would definitely recommend reflexology to everyone, and have even taken my teenager for a few sessions to help with PMS.”

What is your USP (unique selling points) ?

Passion of your work is all about motivation and getting the job well done, working at something you love can boost your day.



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