Indian women entrepreneurs : ARATHI SHANKAR – Math Educator, The Math Minds

Nationality: Indian
How long have you been in Lux?  8 years
Your educational background? I have  my Masters in Science ( Physics), Bachelor of Science (Math, Physics and Electronics).
Year of commencement of your business? 2017
Company Profile: the company provides :
Personalized tutoring in mathematics for children in the age five to thirteen
Home-work and assignment assistance
Preparation for tests and assessment
Complement and add-on to the class room lessons

How are you registered in Lux? Your legal entity?
Self-employed with a letter from the Ministry of Economy,Luxembourg, stating –“no authorization required”. VAT registration under process.
How long did the registration process take from start to finish & your experience with it.
4 weeks. No one stop shop for helping non- standard profession like mine.

Why do you do what you do?

My earlier experience of being a teacher handling mathematics for primary and secondary classes motivated me to take up tutoring here. Learning is my passion, and what better way to learn than teach!

Who is your typical customer?

Parents who want their kids to excel in Mathematics!

Your proud achievement in business so far.

Students getting “term awards” for improvement in maths!

What is your USP (unique selling points)?

Interacting with kids from different nationalities, exposure to different curriculum.

Are you willing to mentor an aspiring entrepreneur? If yes, how should they contact you?

Yes, I am available through my email :

Your company name, website, fb page etc..

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