Indian women entrepreneurs: Neda Naqvi owner of All4cars

Neda Naqvi

Nationality: Luxembourgish / Parents born and raised in India.
Educational background?
Alum of ISL, BBA, Certificate in Marketing & public relations, Minor in Psychology with an emphasis on human behavior, MBA (Webster, STL), Masters in Entrepreneurship & Innovation (Uni Lux).

Year of commencement of your business?
Family business (1999).

Company’s Profile?
Import / Export of general merchandise, medical equipment, marketing & financial consulting, IT services, project management and automotive services
Facebook page
All4cars® (car workshop)

Neda why do you do what you do?

As a family business, I experienced the trade at first hand by observing and shadowing my dad and brother. Whether participating in various business meetings, negotiations, events and trade fairs, combined with my international scholastic and multilingual background, my experiences in the general business field has allowed me to apply and share my knowledge into good practice. My inspiration is sparked through my travels and through interactions with other individuals.

Who is your typical customer?

Varies … we meet and interact with all kind customer (locals or at international level).

Your proud achievement in business so far.

  • As the only woman in my company, managing a mostly male dominated industry.
  • Applying the 7+ languages I speak to explain / accommodate our clients about our services and business activities.
  • Learning by practice – establishing our presence “globally”.

What is your USP ( Unique Selling Points)?

Our focus on high quality customer services by making them feel at ease and establishing trust and confidence in our services and actually practicing what we preach to achieve client satisfaction and recommendation (services we offer).

Any groups (both online & offline) that you recommend being a part of in order to get clients/ visibility/ business/mentorship/ collaboration.

Social media: FB/Instagram/Snap chat, online communities:, editus /, shopping blogs (, Membership with various chamber of commerce associations (depending on your line of business activities), networking.

How are you registered in Lux? Your legal entity?

Official registration and business licenses acquired from the Ministère de classes moyennes.

How long did the registration process take from start to finish & your experience with it.

A matter of weeks.

Are you willing to mentor an aspiring entrepreneur? If yes, how should they contact you?

Yes, with pleasure, email:

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