Trouver des médecins grecs au Luxembourg

Greek speaking doctors and health specialists in Luxembourg

As a Greek, it is easier for me to build trust with a health specialist who speaks greek. I prefer to see a greek doctor who is aware of my culture. If you are Greek, you will maybe have the same feeling. So, please find here my personal adresses for greek speaking doctors and health specialists in Luxembourg.

Advantages to see a doctor or health specialist who speaks greek

Health is undoubtedly one the most important and sensitive aspects of our life. So it is important to be able to exactly explain what I feel and to understand perfectly what the medical expert is explaining to me. The preference for a practitioner speaking the same language is strongly linked to efficient doctor–patient communication. It’s common for patients, who are challenged with a health issue, to feel more relaxed with doctors belonging to the same community of origin.

Going to a Greek doctor in Luxembourg is not only a matter of understanding the medical terminology. It is also the knowledge of specific information such as the vaccination schedule for children in Greece, as well as people’s habits in terms of eating, drinking, personal hygiene, health care, etc.

Thus like many foreigners, when Greeks arrive to Luxembourg, they may not feel comfortable to go to a doctor from a different culture, with a different language. Then, Greeks very frequently arrange for medical appointments when they go back home in Greece.

But now, with my list of doctors who speak greek in Luxembourg, you can arrange your appointments in your new country, even if you are a new greek resident in Luxembourg !

Greek medicine, a very old tradition

It’s interesting to note that in Greece medicine is a very old and steady tradition, that goes back to the ancient times (Hippocrates).

Thattradition continues today with a young population wishing to study medicine. Very often Greek doctors are overrepresented in western countries compared to the Greek population living in each of them. In Greece the ratio of doctors per 1000 population is one of the highest in the world. In 2013, 6.29 doctors / 1000 population.

Download the list of health specialists in Luxembourg speaking greek

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