Pieca Levy

Expat Portrait: the Brazilian Pieca Levy living in Luxembourg

We have the pleasure to présent you Pieca Lievy, Brazilian Expat in Luxembourg, with an hectic and busy life. She is, among other things, the organiser of the Brazilian Film Festival in Luxembourg. She kindly accepted to answer to our questions to discover a bit more about her life and lively personality. 

Interview of Pieca Levy

Pieca, you come from Brazil and live now in Luxembourg. Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?

My family, with Moroccan – Jewish origins, emigrated to the north of Brazil (Amazon) in the early of the 20th century. I was born and grew up in Belem. After graduation, I went to Sao Paulo to work as a nutritionist. Later on, I was in Japan to do scientific research about longevity and immunology. In 1983 life changed as I met my Belgian husband  … few years later, in 1988, another big life turn happened, since I left my country and my career to follow him to Luxembourg. After another quite long expatriation to New York , I was definitely back in Benelux in 1995 where we are established since with my 3 children.

Pieca you are the initiator and the manager of the more and more popular Brazilian Film Festival in Luxembourg. How and why did you take this initiative back in 2011?

This adventure started by discussing with friends that were organiser of Brazilian film festivals around the world. I wanted to show another facet, intellectually engaged, of Brazil against the stereotypical image of Brazil (you know : beautiful women wearing strings, football, caipirinia ext). The film festival started very small and grew every year. The first year we had just 4 films in one venue, in this last edition (2015) we had 11 films 5 venues in 3 cities of Luxembourg.
This year, the festival received a very warm participation. At every film session I found more audience that I expected. I’m already working on 2016 new edition with the curator of the festival. If anyone interested in supporting this festival can contact me at: pieca.levy@festivaldufilmbresilien.lu.

Pieca, Brazilian woman living in Luxembourg

Can you give us 3 adjectives to describe your life in Luxembourg ?

Diverse, very busy, rich in cultural content.

Tell us few things that have surprised you when first arrived to Luxembourg ?

The nature. I was surprised how green this country was. Also back in 1988 I was surprised that during lunch time supermarkets and shops in general were closed. It’s not the case nowadays anymore of course…

Tell us one thing that you would miss of Luxembourg if you had to live the country tomorrow. 

The multicultural environment.

Your favourite place in Luxembourg ?

The Abbey Neumunster.

What feeling do you have when your are in this place ?

The power of history.

Your favourite district in Luxembourg ?

Merl and its parc is my favourite place in Luxembourg.

Talking about food, did your way of cooking changed since your arrival to Luxembourg ?

My profession was somehow related to food. I pay attention to food. My life here has shown different ways of cooking. I’m a great fun of Gromperekichelcher that remind me of Latkes the jewish potato pancakes.

Lunch time where do we find you ?

La table de Julie or Oberweis.

Do you go often out to eat and if yes what is your favourite type of cuisine ?

I would go for Indian or Japanese.

Can you give me one Brazilian expression or word that is impossible to translate into other languages.

Saudade, which is a very subtle mixture of joy and sadness.

Is there something that you miss of your country ?

The weather and my family and my mum. She is now 102 worked since she was 7and still in a very good health.

If you were a ….

If you were a power what would you be ?
A Flash of lightning.

If you were a book what genre would you be ? 
A romance.

 If you were a season what would you be ?

If you were a spice what would you be ? 

If your were a shoe what you would be ? 
High heels.

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