Viviana Siclari

Looking for tips to progress in your professional life?

Viviana, Italian expat in Luxembourg, tells us about Viviana’s Coach – her on line platform of coaching videos – dedicated to women who want to overcome their professional challenges.

Viviana what brought you to Luxembourg?

I moved to Luxembourg at the end of 2016. My husband had a very interesting job opportunity while we were still living in Brussels. I had just come back to my job as a lobbyist after maternity leave and I felt that it was a good time for me as well to move on. So I told him: “yes let’s go. New place, new life”.

What is your professional background?

I have worked in communications for more than 20 years. I was an Italian language teacher in Germany and in Italy. Then, I moved to Brussels, where I became a lobbyist and a consultant in European affairs: I helped clients approach European institutions and understand the impact of EU legislation on their business and sector.

My move to Luxembourg took me to “the other side” as I worked first at the European Commission and then at the European Investment Bank on environmental policy and external communication.

You have recently founded Viviana’s Coach. What has led you to create this platform?

I worked for many years in the corporate world and I’ve realised that women meet the same professional challenges whatever the context, job, nationality or hierarchical level: career halts, juggling family and job, stereotypes… I have myself experienced many throughout my professional life.

I have also seen that women are generally highly resilient, very willing to self-develop and have an incredible variety of resources and skills they often simply don’t recognise.  I am convinced that women have the capacity not only to overcome the challenges they face, but also to develop a professional life that they “own” if only they are given the tools to do so.

Viviana’s Coach provides a variety of tools and advice which are easy to put into practice in everyday life to progress in line with our values and aspirations.

Can you tell us what we can find on your web site?

Viviana’s Coach web site offers coaching videos to cope with typical professional challenges: how to “ask” for something at work, how to develop our network, what to do to manage a stressful situation, how to develop our personal brand…

Coaches with different expertise and nationalities offer a series of solutions to the problems presented in the videos that are filmed in English, French or other languages depending on the speaker. English subtitles are in the making for all the videos.

Other resources and exercises complement the video offer while a community of users is being created to promote the exchange of good practices.

You are animating the Reinvention Lab. Why should I come to one of your workshops?

Do you feel you are professionally “stuck”? You don’t know exactly why it is so or where you want to go, how you want to change? Still, you are determined to find a professional path which fits you? Then you should come to the Reinvention Lab.

We all reinvent ourselves throughout our lives; however, we often don’t do it consciously, we let ourselves “go with the wind”, we don’t reflect upon what we really value, what we are passionate about, what our strengths are or why others appreciate us. We also often don’t know how to change career path or what we should expect if we were to launch our own business.

The Reinvention Lab develops into eight thematic sessions touching above all of the above and design our path to professional reinvention.

What advice would you give to an expat who had to quit their former job to follow their partner?

If you quit your job don’t do it because you “have to” but because you “want to”. We often feel that we are forced to make certain choices because of life circumstances. I believe that we have always a choice: we can look at change as something we are forced to do or as an opportunity. If we choose the former, we will always feel trapped; if we choose the latter, we will be free to make the best out of a new adventure.

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