Mexico in Luxembourg

Discovering Mexico in Luxembourg

If you are fan of tacos and margaritas and live in Luxembourg, you will find some useful information in this article. 

The Mexican Community in Luxembourg

Almost 9500 km separate Mexico from Luxembourg, but this does not prevent the presence of Mexicans in the Grand Duchy as many other nationalities. According to data from the Consulate of Mexico in Brussels, there are 163 Mexicans registered in Luxembourg, or even more than 200 according to some other estimates. In addition, Luxembourg-Ville is home to the financial office of a large Mexican company, Cemex, which specializes in the manufacture of cement.

In 2015, Mexico awarded the highest honour of the Mexican Order of the Aztec Eagle with the rank of badge to Mr. Lucien Emringer, Honorary Consul of Mexico in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Created in 1936, the badge symbolizes the gratitude of the Mexican people to foreign personalities in recognition of their merit in the service of Mexico. Since 2003, Mr Emringer has been strengthening economic, political and cultural relations between Mexico and Luxembourg.

Enjoying Mexican food in Luxembourg

« Los Tacos de Maíz Vegetarianos »

Mexico is a rich gastronomic country, with a wide variety of traditional dishes and ancestral recipes. Mexican cuisine is a mixture of spicy, sweet and sometimes hot ingredients. Indeed, we find this marriage of tastes in the recipe of « Tacos de Maíz Vegetarianos » of the culinary journalist Anne Faber. For this recipe, you can get « Las Tortillas » at the supermarket Cora or Delhaize.
You can find the recipe on the Anne’s Kitchen web site.

« Las Fajitas of Pollo »

In Luxembourg City, there are some traditional Mexican dishes in the restaurant-bar -Mamacita. This is the ideal place to taste good tequilas, tasty « Fajitas de pollo » well seasoned as well as a great classic born in Mexico « La ensalada César ».

« La Clásica Margarita »

The Bar -Max + Moritz- is ideal to enjoy a cocktail and especially « La Clasica Margarita ». It is a sweet, fresh and tangy cocktail. It is accompanied by a bitter touch, composed of four ingredients: Tequila, triple sec, lime and sugar cane.

¡Hasta La Vista!

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