Manger bulgare au Luxembourg

Where to discover the bulgarian cuisine in Luxembourg ?

You are living in Luxembourg and are curious to taste the Bulgarian cuisine? Luxembourg is a country where you can meet different cultures and cuisine. Today, we give you our tips to eat in a bulgarian style in Luxembourg. 

Bulgarian restaurant in Luxembourg

You can eat in a bulgarian restaurant it at the Amber Stuff. It is the only Bulgarian restaurant in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. The restaurant Amber Stuff is located in Imbringen. You can go there through a romantic path accross the forest. However, be careful ! A few deers may cross the road ! After half an hour’s drive from the Luxembourg city centre, you will arrive there, in Imbringen.

The atmosphere in this restaurant is casual and the staff very welcoming.

Food specialities from Bulgaria

Traditionally, people from Bulgaria start their meal with “rakya” and “shopska salata” food – a mixture of cucumbers, tomatoes, onions and grated sirene, a salty white cheese close to the Greek feta.
Taste also the “kachkaval“. It is another kind of cheese made of ewe’s milk, yellow colored, which is served breaded, and the “kyopolou“, a caviar prepared with roasted eggplants and peppers crushed with parsley and garlic.
Among the hot starters, you can have the “tchouchki burek“. It is fresh or grilled peppers, stuffed with cheese then fried, or the “sarmi“, which are vine leaves stuffed with minced meat.

The “satchs” are the most ordered dish. Those are huge meat skewers served on a hot plate. The server cut the pieces with a sword ! Even if this seems a little weird, everyone is having fun and the customers pleasantly take photos. Don’t miss the “kavarma” as well – this a kind of pork or chicken stew, with tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms, lots of onions, covered with an egg, served in small ceramic pots.

The portions are huge, which is a typically Bulgarian tradition, and a dish would be sufficient for two persons, so it’s better to really be hungry before you go there !

Then, for the dessert, don’t forget of course to taste the famous Bulgarian yoghurt with honey. It is really delicious and people in Bulgaria say that it is the secret of a long healthy life.

Enjoy your bulgarian meal and be careful with the “rakya” – it is really hot !

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Tips about eating in restaurants in Luxembourg

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