On this page we present a quick overview of the british community in Luxembourg. You will find information about the institutions, the associations, Fb groups, and other useful references related to this community in the Grand-Duchy.

Ambassador(s) for this community:

Claire Jordan


    "'We carry our homes within us, which enables us to fly' John Cage" 

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    6 111 representatives of United Kingdom are living in Luxembourg.

    According to the 170 nationalities living in Luxembourg, english is often used as a business language. More and more medias are translated in english, despite the 3 official languages which are luxembourgish, german and french.




    Our References in this community

    British Embassy in Luxembourg Ville

    Address :
    British Embassy in Luxembourg Ville, Luxembourg 5 Boulevard Joseph II 2840 Luxembourg Ville Luxembourg
    Ambassador : Alice Walpole

    British Guides in Luxembourg

    Email : dcluxembourg@gmail.com

    Luxembourg Scottish Country Dance Club

    Facebook page

    British Ladies’ Club

    Irish Club of Luxembourg

    Facebook page

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