Syria is known for being the cradle of cultures. You will have a great opportunity to know Syria in Luxembourg thanks to different associations that are proposing original events to present the culture and the traditions of this very ancient country.

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    Syrian population in Luxembourg

    After the wave of migration resulted from the ongoing brutal war in Syria since 2011, the number of Syrians in Luxembourg has increased to become more than 1.100 people this year.
    They are granted the refugee status to become part of the new residents living in Luxembourg.

    The syrian community in Luxembourg consists of many educated and active members participating in many cultural and social events. They are involved in human rights and supporting Syrians in Luxembourg and Europe.

    Key figures about Syria before the war

    Area : 185,180 KM2
    Population (2010): 26, 523,250 (2016) : 16,064,542

    More info about the syrian community in Luxembourg

    No institution were formed yet for Syrians in Luxembourg.
    But there are some Syrian social networks in Luxembourg as :

    Syrian youth
    The syrian cultural center
    La maison Syrien au Luxembourg

    Syrian youth has for exemple collaborated to the RIFF Syria event that was hold in Carrées Rotondes in March 2017.
    The RIFF group has launched a series of ludic and entertaining events to discover countries all around the world through different art expressions, food and an edutaining quiz to learn more about their culture and traditions.

    Traditional and recurrent syrian events in Luxembourg

    Syria is known for being the cradle of cultures and civils.
    Syria celebrates all religious fests for majorities and minorities. In Luxembourg the events which are most celebrated are Ramadan, Eid fitr, Eid Adha, Christmas, New year.


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