On this page we present a quick overview of the spanish community in Luxembourg. You will find information about the institutions, the associations, Fb groups, and other useful references related to this community in the Grand-Duchy.

Spanish population in Luxembourg: 6.545 in 2018, versus 3.657 in 2011 (source

Recurrent and traditional events

  • Bazar International

Stand Español of the  International Bazar. In 2017, Spain has presented two projects aimed at providing help in two fields addressing two different needs: on the one hand access to water, and, on the other, providing better structure to people with specific inabilities. The first project, lead by  the Asociación FONDEBE of Madrid, was aimed at the construction of a well in Benin. The second lead by CEPRI Asociación « Proyecto Ladrillos Solidarios », aimes at realizing construction improvements in a structure that welcomes adults with autism spectrum disorders.

  • Torneo de Golf of Comunidad Espanola de Luxemburgo.

In June 2018 took place at the Kikuoka Golf Club in Canach, a charitable sport event of the Spanish Community in Luxembourg. The 3rd edition of this golf tournament is organized for the benefit of the Luxembourg International Bazaar, in collaboration with the Spanish Embassy and the Chamber of Commerce of Spain in Belgium and Luxembourg.


Our References in this community

Spanish Embassy in Luxembourg Ville

Address :
Spanish Embassy in Luxembourg Ville,
4-6, Blvd. Emmanuel Servais B.P. 290 2012 Luxembourg
E-mail :
Website : MAEC
Ambassador : Don Carlos de Lojendio y Pardo-Manuel de Villena

  •  (+352) 46 02 55
Spanish dances club

Email :

Flamenco Luxembourg a.s.b.l

École de danse à Walferdange, Luxembourg
Address :
92 Rue du Dix Octobre, 7243 Bereldange, Luxembourg

Circulo cultural Antonio Machado

The Circulo Cultural Espanol Antonio Machado is a non-profit organization with a wide range of activities aimed at promoting Spanish culture in Luxembourg.

  • Cultural center with library and media library of Spanish books and media
  • Theatrical performances, concerts, exhibitions, conferences, seminars, ….

Located in Luxembourg-Gare, for more information on the Spanish Cultural Center in Luxembourg:

FAEL – Fédération des Associations Espagnoles

Created in the late 70s, the association FAEL, Federation of Spanish Speaking People in Luxembourg aims to federate and defend the interests of Spaniards living in Luxembourg,First Spanish migrants arrived in the Grand Duchy at the Franco period.

One of the key projects of this association is to keep alive the memory of the immigrants in Luxembourg, those who remained on the spot and those who went back to Spain, through personal documents.


Luxembourg-Spain Association

The aim of this association is to promote Spanish culture in Luxembourg and to promote intercultural exchanges between the 2 nations and communities.

More information: asociacion-luxemburgo-espana

Centre Català in Luxembourg

The Catalan Center of Luxembourg exists since 1987. It was created to make known the Catalan culture in the Grand-Duchy through various events related to Catalan culture such as concerts, conferences, exhibitions, language courses or of dance, ….

The Catalan Center in Luxembourg is also willing to partner with other organizations and associations to fight against any discrimination or social exclusion. The CCL thus actively contributes to the activities proposed by CLAE.

The CCL is an active member of the International Federation of Catalan Associations.

More information on

Tapas Street

Paella, zarzuela, fish and seafood grills, tapas, ham and charcuterie Spanish, Catalan cream. 
In Remich near the swimming pool. 

Spanish section European School

Spanish children living in Luxembourg can apply for the spanish section in the European School I in Kirchberg

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