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Luxembourg is a very small country but particularly reach in cultural diversity. 172 nationalities live together sharing this tiny and welcoming territory.

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 Luxembourg welcome

    Key figures:

    Global population of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg : 590 667

    • Number of Luxembourg nationals: 309 170
    • Number of foreigners : 281 497
    • Cross-border workers : 177,110, coming from France, Belgium and Germany

    Proportion of foreigners in the total population (1 January 2017)

    • Portuguese: 16.4%
    • French: 7.5%
    • Italians: 3.6%
    • Belgians: 3.4%
    • Germans: 2.2%

    Most of the foreigners living in the Grand Duchy are nationals of another European Union country (86%).
    Learn more about Luxembourg and its population on JUST ARRIVED.

    Luxembourg history.
    Luxembourg geography.
    Luxembourguish organisations helping integration.
    Integration policies in Luxembourg.
    Organisations specialized in assistance and social inclusion.

    Becoming a Luxembourguish citizen.


    Our References in this community

    Association de Soutien aux Travailleurs immigrés (ASTI)

    Find more about ASTI on JUST ARRIVED.


    Comité de Liaison des Associations d’Etrangers.

    CLAE organises each year the Festival des migration.




    Office Luxembourgeois de l’Accueil et de l’Intégration OLAI.



    National Council of Foreigners

    National Council of Foreigners.

    National Conference for Integration.

    Festival des Migrations

    The not-to-be missed event in Luxembourg dedicated to cultural diversity.

    Concerts, food, books, associations representing the different nationalities composing the local melting-pot.

    The Festival is organized by CLAE.



    This day, organized in collaboration with the CLAE (Foreign Association Liaison Committee), focuses on sport and intercultural exchanges and reflects the City’s desire to promote the integration of the many nationalities present in its territory by sport and culture.

    Bazar international

    60+ stands and more than 1,500 volunteers work at the Bazar.

    Stands revenues go to charitable projects.

    Every year it takes place at the end of November, and ideal time to prepare Christmas shopping.

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