On this page we present a quick overview of the lebanese community in Luxembourg. You will find information about the institutions, the associations, Fb groups, and other useful references related to this community in the Grand-Duchy.

Ambassador(s) for this community:

Lebanon is represented in Luxembourg by nearly 250 residents.

The community is small but very active socially involved in different activities.
Lebanon is represented at the International Bazar of Luxembourg for more than 35 years. During the Bazar you can taste and enjoy a large number of our typical Lebanese Mezze, delicious deserts and excellent wines.

Also, the “Cercle Libanais de Luxembourg”  association organizes several activities during the year with the aim to promoting the link between Lebanon and Luxembourg.

The Libanese community welcomes anyone willing to share our culture!


Our References in this community


Ambassade de Liban à Bruxelles

101, av. Franklin Roosvelt
1050 Bruxelles

Cercle libanais de Luxembourg

Cooking lessons, cheese and wine tasting, conferences, are among the events we organise.

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