Here you can have a quick overview of the japanese community in Luxembourg. You will find information about the institutions, the associations, Fb groups, and other useful references related to this community in the Grand-Duchy.

According to Statec, there are 506 japanese people living in Luxembourg in 2019.

Many of them working for Japanese companies in Luxembourg or even in Germany.

You can start your journey to Japan in Luxembourg by attending the joyful, rich and interesting meetings organized by the Sawakai group (see below). An incredible chance to learn about Japanese culture and customs.

Recurrent events to meet japanese people:

  • 11 February Foundation Day (660 BC)
  • 23 December « Tenno Tanjobi » or Birthday of the Emperor in office, Akihito.
  • International Bazaar, to buy porcelain, lacquer ware or kimonos and to taste japanese food like sushis or yahkitoris and to drink green tea or sake!


Our References in this community

Japanese Embassy in Luxembourg Ville

Address :
62, Avenue de la Fgaiancerie
L-1510 Luxembourg

Opening hours : 09.00-12.00 and 14.00-17.00


S.E. Monsieur Shigeji SUZUKI


Luxembourg Embassy in Tokyo, Japan


Luxembourg House 1F
8-9 Yonbancho Chiyoda-Ku
Tokyo 102-0081 JAPAN



Japanese Ladies' Association Luxembourg

E-Mail mail@jlaluxembourg.org

Pétales de Japon au Luxembourg asbl

The association holds cultural conferences, ateliers, meetings and etc. to share Japanese culture in French, English, and Japanese.

E-Mail: petalesdejapon@gmail.com

Cafe de maman

Japanese speaking mothers and small children meet for get together.

E-Mail: cafedemamanlux@gmail.com


The SA WA KAI group holds meetings around tea or coffee on a quarterly basis to share the Japanese culture.

The Japanese Supplementary School in Luxembourg

Hosted at the International School Luxembourg since 1991, lessons take place twice a week on Tuesdays/Wednesdays and Saturdays. Teaches in Japanese the language and mathematics for students ages 6–15.

E-mail: jssl@pt.lu

Maki Support Service

Provides various support services for Japanese people, such as relocation, assistance in administrative procedures, attendance at appointments, and etc. to help them settling in Luxembourg.

La Leche League Luxembourg

Holds meetings once a month in Japanese for mothers and future mothers interested in breastfeeding.

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