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"There are no strangers here; Only friends you haven't yet met.William Butler Yeats, Irish poet, 1865 – 1939" 

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Irish community in Luxembourg

Irish population in Luxembourg: 1,865 in 2018 versus 1,325 in 2011 (source: Statec)

The Irish community In Luxembourg is relatively large with people dispersed across different regions of the Grand Duchy, employed in many different sectors including banking & finance, hospitality, engineering, recruitment and childcare; also in the restaurant and bar industry, aircraft maintenance industry, in the EU institutions, in e-commerce companies and in film & media  production.

Irish undergraduates also arrive each year to work on a temporary basis in various companies in partial fulfilment of the requirements for their university degrees.

After Ireland became a member of the European Economic Community (EEC) in 1973, Irish citizens arrived in Luxembourg to take up work in the judicial and financial institutions of the Community. In the 40 plus years since then, families have settled, children and grandchildren have been born to one or two Irish parents. And these 2nd and 3rd generations have grown up in Luxembourg, part of the Irish community.

Many of us came for short stays (6 months, 1 year, 3 years) and never left! Others left and came back. More met their future spouses or partners in Luxembourg (or arrived with their other halves) of a different nationality to themselves and then found that Luxembourg, at the crossroads of Europe, was the perfect neutral country in which to make their home. Students who come on work placement and stay for 6 months often come back after graduation. 

There are several Irish associations in Luxembourg with members not just from Ireland but from other countries too, who enjoy visiting Ireland and have an interest in Irish history & culture, especially in Irish language, music and dance. These are listed below with links to their respective websites and/or Facebook pages and all have plenty of information on how to become a member, on their activities and events, many of which are open to non-members.

Irish recurrent events



Our References in this community

Irish Embassy

Résidence Christina (2nd floor)
28, route d’Arlon
L-1140 Luxembourg

FaceBook page of the Embassy.

The Ireland-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce

The Ireland-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce (ILCC) Facebook page.

Irish Club Luxembourg

Irish Club Luxembourg FaceBook page.

St. Patrick’s Day on March 18, is widely celebrated in Luxembourg not only by the Irish nationals of the Grand Duchy, but also by the whole country which traditionally goes green to celebrate the Patron Saint of Irish people. A great opportunity to join the Irish community in the country’s pubs!



Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann Luxembourg

Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann Luxembourg FaceBook page.

Gaelic Sports Club Luxembourg

Gaelic Sports Club Luxembourg Facebook page.

Cumann Gaelach Lucsamburg

Cumann Gaelach Lucsamburg Facebook page.

Luxembourg Rose of Tralee

International Bazaar Luxembourg

The Ireland stand of the International Bazaar.



Zeltik FaceBook.

Bealtaine Festival

The Bealtaine festival is a Celtic weekend in the Neihaischen forest with lots of animation for children and adults.

Every 2 years, last edition in 2018. More than 6.000 visitors.

British & Irish Film Season

The British & Irish Film Season started in Luxembourg in 2010 to celebrate the rich array and diversification of film-making across the British Isles (England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Isle of Man), primarily from independent film production companies.

Irish section European School

Irish children living in Luxembourg can apply for the irish section in the European School I in Kirchberg and in European School II in Mamer

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