India's community in Luxembourg is growing at a fast pace. Good restaurants, plenty of traditional events reflect the indian contribution to the local melting pot.

Ambassador(s) for this community:

Indian population in Luxembourg: 1 411 (source

Traditional and recurrent indian events in Luxembourg

Holi Party
Dandiya Party
Diwali Party by IAL & IBCL
New years Party
Yearly picnic
India Day
Participation in International Bazar
Gandhi Jayanti celebration
Yoga Day


Our References in this community

Honorary Consulate of India

Address :
Maison Dorai
1J, route d’Arlon
8310 Capellen
Email :
Opening hours :
Tue. and Thu. : 11:00 to 13:00 by appointment

  •  +352 55 61 251
Indian Association Luxembourg asbl

Address :
165, Muehlenweg
L-2155 Luxembourg
Email :
Facebook page

Indian Business Chamber of Luxembourg

Address :
7, Rue Alcide De Gasperi, L-2981, Luxembourg.
Office Hours :
08.30 to 12.00 hrs on weekdays

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