India's community in Luxembourg is growing at a fast pace. Good restaurants, plenty of traditional events reflect the indian contribution to the local melting pot.

Indian population in Luxembourg: 2,331 in 2019 versus only 569 in 2011 and 963 in 2015 (source The Indian community is growing fast and is quite active.

Traditional and recurrent indian events in Luxembourg

  • Holi Party
  • Dandiya Party
  • Diwali Party by IAL & IBCL
  • New years Party
  • Yearly picnic
  • India Day
  • Participation in International Bazar. More information about the stand here.
  • Gandhi Jayanti celebration
  • Yoga Day
  • January 26, Independence Day in 1947
  • August 15, Proclamation of the Republic in 1950.


Our References in this community

Honorary Consulate of India

Address :
Maison Dorai
1J, route d’Arlon
8310 Capellen
Email :
Opening hours :
Tue. and Thu. : 11:00 to 13:00 by appointment

  •  +352 55 61 251
Embassy of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in New Delhi

84, Jor Bagh
New Delhi – 110003 India


Indian Association Luxembourg asbl

The Indian Association in Luxembourg was created in 1991, with the aim of making known to Luxembourgish residents, whatever their community of origin, the Indian culture and history through events, festivals and concerts.

With over 2100 members, the Facebook community is active.

Facebook page: Indian association Luxembourg

Address :
165, Muehlenweg
L-2155 Luxembourg
Email :

Contact : Neha Bandhari

Indian Business Chamber of Luxembourg

Address :
7, Rue Alcide De Gasperi, L-2981, Luxembourg.
Office Hours :
08.30 to 12.00 hrs on weekdays

Contact : Neha Bandhari

Hindu Forum Luxembourg

Contact : Neha Bandhari

Restaurants and shops

Many indian restaurants are available in Luxembourg. You can easily check on TripAdvisor, the best indian restaurant or the closest.

For preparing indian food, it is also easy to find indian products either at Auchan supermaket in Kirchberg or by ordering online:

Indian cooking classes

5 different levels for more 100 indian recipes available!

11,rue Jena Baptiste Gelle
L-1620 Luxembourg


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