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    Hungarian population in Luxembourg: 1,880 in 2019 versus 935 in 2011 (source: Statec). The Hungarian community is an ever growing number and we also have to mention Hungarians working – and living their everyday life – in Luxembourg, but residing in the neighboring countries.

    The Hungarians of Luxembourg have quite an active social, cultural and online community life.

    Traditional and recurrent Hungarian (or Hungary related) events in Luxembourg

    • International Bazar – Hungarian Stand (see the Facebook page) annual multicultural charity event organized some weeks before Christmas.
    • CinEast Festival (and the Facebook page) which is the Central and Eastern European Film Festival in Luxembourg. It takes place every year during the fall.
    • Hungarian parties twice a year at Crossfire bar (Facebook page)
    • 15 March: “Nemzeti ünnep”: commemoration of Hungary’s independence in 1848
    • 20 August: Feast of St Stephen, founder of the Kingdom of Hungary in 1000

    Suggestions for Hungarian newcomers in Luxembourg

    If you are a Hungarian newcomer in this country, we suggest you to start by discovering the following page, Facebook community, mailing lists and blog:

    Further information related to Hungary and Hungarians in Luxembourg

    We invite everyone to find out more of our references below.


    Our References in this community

    Embassy of Hungary in Brussels (accredited also to the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg)

    Consular Customer Service in Luxembourg: once a month (for more information:

    Diplomatic representation of Luxembourg in Hungary

    EMBASSY : Luxembourg is represented by the Ambassador with residence in ViennaSternwartestrasse, 81
    A-1180 Vienna

    Tel: (+43 1) 478 2142


    Honorary Consulate in Budapest Dr. István HORVÁTH
    Szeréna út 60/A H-1025 Budapest


    •   (+36) 1 325 55 78
    Hungarian Stand at the International Bazar of Luxembourg

    The Bazar International de Luxembourg is the most important charity event in the Grand Duchy.
    More than 60 stands, over 50 countries make a great atmosphere in two Luxexpo halls. All the proceedings of the Bazar, as well of related events, go to charity.
    Hungary got the chance to join in 2005. It is the 13th occasion that the country participates.
    Here visitors taste good food, good wines, beer, pálinka, and of course, Unicum. All our cakes and pogácsa are handmade, and our wonderful Goulash is prepared by the members of the stand.
    You will find and purchase different well-known Hungarian specialities and contemporary goods.
    Helpers on the stand are mainly Hungarians, but not only.
    In 2017, we support again 2 charities in Hungary, as we did in the past.
    Come and visit us at the Luxexpo!

    Ancient drama analyzing events for Hungarians

    Ancient dramas (e.g.: Sophocles: Antigone; Oedipus or Euripides: Hippolytus; Helen) analyzed by prof. György KARSAI, classical philologist. Presentations held 2-3 times a year, in Hungarian (sometimes also French) language.

    Contact: Zsuzsa V. Karsai, organiser


      Luxembourg Hungarian Book Club

      The Luxembourg Hungarian Book Club meets monthly to discuss a piece of Hungarian literature.
      The Book Club also organises meetings with authors as well as commemorations of significant events of Hungarian literary history.

      Contact: Csaba Papp, organiser


      CinEast Festival

      Central and Eastern European Film Festival in Luxembourg, organized every year during the fall. Hungarian movies and programs to be found.

      For more information visit the webpage or the Facebook page.


      Monthly history lessons for school aged children, speaking Hungarian.

      The aim of the initiative is to introduce Hungarian history to school aged children living and attending school in Luxembourg, but also speaking Hungarian.

      The lessons are free, but it is possible to make a charitable donation to the Hungarian Baptist Aid’s program for Hungarian living outside the borders, in Ukraine.

      Contact: Balázs Baranyai

      •  +352621259844
      Hungarian Happiness Club of Luxembourg

      Monthly social meetings each year during 10 months, with the aim of increasing the happiness level of the participants through the methods of positive psychology.

      The aim of the Happiness Clubs is to invite participants to maintain a self-development “me time”, by which they can develop, be recharged and refreshed, while raising their happiness level at the same time. The Happiness Club wishes to offer help, inspiration and motivation from meeting to meeting, each of which having its own topic (e.g.: optimism, goals and challenges, social relations, healthy lifestyle, etc.)

      The clubs were originally launched by the Happiness Institute operated by The World Is Better With You Foundation in Hungary.

      Contact: Ágnes Rostás

      MUSICAL PRE-TRAINING (ages 3–6) CHILDREN’S AND YOUTH DANCE (ages 6–15) following the renowned “Kodály concept”

      The goal of the musical education of kindergarten- and school-age children, beside individual personality development, is the acquisition of a musical basis, which serves as a ticket to subsequently learning an instrument, participating in social singing, social dancing and enjoying listening to music exigently.

      The program for the little ones includes singing songs and rhymes actively, circle games, rhythm and listening exercises, as well as listening to music and performing little dances.

      Musical education based on games greatly develops the singing capabilities, the sense of rhythm and the movement of children. It similarly has an effect on the development of the use of the native language, of intelligence, concentration, memory, social skills, musical creativity and ingenuity and, last but not least, on harmonic emotional development.

      In dance, the elements of music, movement and playfulness simultaneously affect personality. It builds a sense of community and tolerance: looking out for each other and acknowledging each other, improving motor coordination and the sense of space; it encourages disciplined behaviour and provides one with the indescribable joy of dancing together. Along with traditional dances, various national children’s and youth dances conveying stories are ever more appreciated. Each year, several performances provide the children with the opportunity to present their knowledge before the public.

      “… because dancing lifts you, takes you away and liberates you.”

      Classes available in Hungarian, German and French

      Contact: Anikó Lomoschitz, teacher, E-mail:

      Peter Varkonyi, musician

      Hungarian musician living in Luxembourg. A formerly of SzegényanyámHaLátna (Budapest, 2001-2005), Radio Daze (Luxembourg, 2007-2011) and Fixfire (Luxembourg, 2011-2014), currently focusing on songwriting and recording solo material as a member of the Grund Club.

      For more info: Peter on FacebookGrund ClubFixfireRadio Daze

      Agnes Marton, poet, writer

      Agnes Marton is a poet, writer, librettist, Reviews Editor of The Ofi Press (Mexico), Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, founding member of Phoneme Media (USA). Recent publications include award-winning ‘Estuary: A Confluence of Art and Poetry’, her poetry collection ‘Captain Fly’s Bucket List’ and two chapbooks with Moria Books.

      For more info, visit: Agnes Marton poet on Facebook

      Captain Fly’s Bucket List on Facebook

      Agnes Marton: I’m the President, You Are Not

      Estuary: A Confluence of Art and Poetry

      TOLDI MIKE, rock band

      Toldi Mike is a rock band formed in 2015 by a group of friends living in Luxemboug. Striving to revisit the atmosphere of the Hungarian alternative rock scene of the 1980’s, they play mainly song of their own, confronting this tradition with their expat life in today’s Luxembourg.
      Members: Béla Balogh (vocals, guitar), Krisztián Vámosi (bass), Miklós Bárdos (vocals, guitar), Vilmos Kovács (drums, vocals) and Zsolt Varga (guitar).

      Hungarian Protestants of Luxembourg

      For more information, visit their webpage or subscribe to the mailing list:


      Hungarian Catholics of Luxembourg

      For more information subscribe to the mailing list:

        Football Klinik Academy Luxembourg

        Football Klinik Academy, operated by – the partly Hungarian – Octopus Link Sports, provides soccer football training for boys and girls held in two locations.  It is run by qualified/professional coaches, who have been part of the ISL soccer coaching team for thirteen years.

        Football Klinik Academy is one of the leaders in Luxembourg with a wealth of knowledge and experience in football/ soccer & SAQ coaching, soccer camps, international soccer tours and club trails.

        For more info:

        Kids Chess Club

        Kids Chess Club in Hungarian at the European School of Luxembourg for Hungarian speaking (1-4. grades) pupils of the Lux 1 or 2 school.

        Held by Erno Csaba, Hungarian teacher with a lot of experience, who also gives lessons of mathematics, physics, chemistry and informatics for all age groups, in Hungarian language.


        •  00352-661-204-943
        Aname Yoga

        Hungarian based yoga school teaching the special Aname Program.

        They come regularly to Luxembourg to held classes here as well (in Hungarian and English).

        Contact: Gergely Csonkaréti


        Crossfire- The Nordic Bar

        Located in Luxembourg City; craft beers, burgers and dishes with a Nordic touch; sports on multiple screens and a loft for darts and private parties.

        With Hungarian members in its management, Crossfire bar usually organizes two Hungarian parties a year and occasionally welcomes Hungarian bands.

        Contact: Facebook page

        East Block - Langosh and Goulash Bar

        Hungarian and Eastern-European restaurant in Esch-sur-Alzette.

        Contact: Éva Dobay and Péter Loósz

        E-mail: or Facebook message

        Hungarian section European School

        Hungarian children living in Luxembourg can apply for the hungarian section in the European School II in Mamer

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