With more than 45,00 french people living in Luxembourg, the French community is the second largest foreign community in the Grand-Duchy after the portuguese community.

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French community in Luxembourg

The French community is the second largest foreign community in Luxembourg with more than 45.000 residents. It has increased since the 70s, from 2.5% of the population to 7.6% today, with a sharp acceleration of French settling in Luxembourg since 2011.

The preferred French municipalities of residence are close to the capital. French residents represent 17.3% of the population in the city of Luxembourg and slightly more than 14% respectively in Strassen and Hespérange.

Despite being the 2nd foreign community in the country, french people represent less than 10% of naturalized persons since 2010. Less than 4,500 residents people are binationals French and Luxembourgers, and more than 2/3 of French applicants of Luxembourg nationality are non-residents.

To these figures, we must also add the more than 100,000 French border workers, who represent more than 50% of cross-border workers in Luxembourg. This figure is expected to increase in the coming years given the needs of the Luxembourg labor market.

French is one of the 3 official languages in Luxembourg with german and luxembourgish.

Traditional / recurrent events in relation  with France in Luxembourg

  • French National Day is on July, 14th
  • L’institut français du Luxembourg organize or co-organize many cultural activities (concerts, conferences, exhibition etc…) to promote the French culture.
  • France is also presentevery year with a stand at the International Bazaar

There are many French speaking people in Luxembourg. A very fruitful way to integrate into your new country is to join the associations in your village/district, to go to the local events or even just to spend time in the nearest playground place, kids often provide natural reason to engage in a conversation with other mummies (advise of Fanny, french civil amabassador)”.


Our References in this community

French Embassy in Luxembourg Ville

Address :
8b boulevard Joseph II B.P. 359 2013

  •  website
  •  (+352) 45 72 71 - 1
  •  +352 45 73 72
Luxembourg Embassy in France

Embassy of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in Paris
33 Rapp Avenue F-75007 PARIS


Chambre Française de Commerce et d'Industrie au Grand-Duché de Luxembourg

Address :
6, rue Antoine de Saint Exupéry L-1432 Luxembourg
Email :

Association Démocratique des Français à l’Étranger (ADFE)- Français du Monde

Address :
B.P.-1526, L-1015 Luxembourg.
Email :

Union des Français de l’Étranger

Address :
Représentation du Luxembourg
58, rue de la Poste L – 4477 BELVAUX

More information

Email :

Amicale des Français à Luxembourg

Address :
B.P. 1322, L-1013 Luxembourg

Association des Français fonctionnaires internationaux à Luxembourg (AFIL)

c/o M. Stéphane VIALLON
Address :
10, Rue Guillaume Capus L-1314 Luxembourg

Amicale Luxembourg Aveyron

Address :
8, rue du Kiem L-8030 Strassen
Email :

Institut Français

Institut français du Luxembourg

More information

Email :


Free-of-charge newspaper in french generally available at bus stations for instance) who gives some highlights about the news in Luxembourg and in the world.

Le Jeudi

Distributed once a week on Thursday), gives a very detailed overview of all the cultural activities for the following 7 days.


The luxembourgish newspaper has got French web pages. D’Wort

Ecole et Lycée Français de Luxembourg

Campus scolaire francophone Vauban : maternelle, primaire et secondaires

Section française Ecole Européenne

French children living in Luxembourg can apply for the french section in the European School I in Kirchberg

or European School II in Mamer

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