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Brazilian population in Luxembourg

Brazilian people living in Luxembourg: 2,205 in 2019 versus 1.203 in 2011 (source

It is quite easy for brazilian people to integrate as portuguese is spoken by a large portuguese community living also in Luxembourg.

As almost half of Luxembourg’s population is foreign, the country, its population and its institutions are accustomed to receive foreigners and answer their questions. There are many supportive communities, which are extremely active and voluntary. As we are in the digital era, brazilian people will find plenty of blogs and websites with advice on moving to Luxembourg, in different languages, but mainly in English.

Traditional and recurrent events in Luxembourg

  • Independance Day : September 7th, « grito do Ipiranga » 1822.
  • A Brazilian film festival in Luxembourg is organized every year since 2011. Produced in 4 cities, Luxembourg, Esch, Dudelange and Bettembourg, in collaboration with 6 cinemas, it proposes the screening of Brazilian films (see below Associations section).
  • Brazilian stand at International Bazaar in Luxembourg

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Our References in this community

Brazilian embassy to Luxembourg

Those residing in the Grand Duchy must head to the Brazilian Embassy in Brussels, Belgium. Information is available on the website.

Embaixada do Brasil em Bruxelas and on the Pagina FB da Embaixada do Brasil em Bruxelas.

Brazilian consulate for Luxembourg

Brazil has no consulate in Luxembourg. As for the Embassy, we have to go to Brussels. You will find a wealth of information on the website of the consulate: Consulado Brasileiro em Bruxelas,. Click on the «Luxembourg» icon to find specific information for residents of the Grand Duchy.
The consulate also has a Facebook page

Luxembourg Embassy in Brasilia, Brazil

The Luxembourg Embassy in Brazil is the first Luxembourg’s Embassy on the South American continent. It was opened in 2017

Avenida das Nações, lote 32
Setor de Embaixadas Sul, QD 809
70422-900 Brasília/DF
Contact :


  •  (+55) 61 3443 0072
Brazil Chamber of Commerce in Luxembourg

10 Rue Michel Thilges L-9573 Wiltz (Wooltz)


FFB organizes each year, in November, the Festival of the Brazilian Movie in Luxembourg. It offers an alternative to the stereotypes that are often associated with the image of Brazil. The festival presents the recent and award winning movies, mostly in various cinemas in Luxembourg. It also organizes discussions with directors and / or actors of the films shown at the festival. Their FB page « Festival of the Brazilian Luxembourg » is the fastest way to stay informed about the festival program and other cultural events sponsored or partnered by the festival. The festival is always looking for volunteers. Feel free to contact them to offer help.

Read also the interview of Pieca Levy, the initiator of the Brazilian Film Festival in Luxembourg.

Made in Brazil

Made in Brazil is an association which has three ambitions: to promote the Brazilian culture, to help the diaspora and to support the development process in Brazil.
They sponsor the actions of the Luxembourg Boy Scouts when they act in our country. Niki, the president of the association, cooks a delicious « feijoada » that he serves on his stand during the multicultural events organized by the municipalities or cultural circles, and he is present in almost all street festivals.
Those are opportunities for him and his wife, Ana Claudia – who prepares delicious cakes – to promote our culture through typical Brazilian dishes and drinks. Made in Brazil is the co-founder and eternal sponsor of the Brazilian Movie Festival.
To contact the association:

LBBC Luxembourg Brazil Business Council ASBL

LBBC is working for the development of trade between Brazil and Luxembourg for its members

Page Linkedin

Jornal contacto

The largest newspaper of Luxembourg the Wort, is written in German, Luxemburgish and French in hard copy. But there are versions in other languages online: Luxembourg Times for English version, Wort in French and in Portuguese. This latter is called Jornal Contacto and also has a free printed version.
O Contacto is directed at the Portuguese-speaking community residing in Luxembourg which includes, in addition to the Brazilians, many Cape Verdeans and a huge Portuguese community.

Blog: Cafe com o Grão

The Blog Cafe com o Grão Duque relates the life experience in Luxembourg. A Brazilian feminine author publishes articles related to expatriate life. She has written an excellent article: “11 motivos para morar em Luxemburgo”, which is worth reading.

Brasileiros em Luxemburgo

has over 1100 members and is an inexhaustible source of useful information for all Brazilians, those who have just arrived in the country or those that have lived there for a long time.

The page contains more than 50 documents which respond to many questions, and gives useful information, as for example, amongst others, a list of accredited translators and a list of baby sitters. The last posted document explains the steps to follow to replace the Brazilian licence against the Luxembourgian one.

The group has a fantastic active and collaborative community. To become a member of this group, you must be a resident of the country.

Luxemburgo informações e turismo

The Facebook page “Luxemburgo informações e turismo » provides useful information to get you prepared for the move and answers specific questions from the Brazilian community.

Mães e pais brasileiros em Luxemburgo

This group is ideal for those who have young children. The publications on this page offer activities to be done with children and discuss issues related to motherhood and education.

5 things to know before moving from Brazil

An interesting article in Portuguese written by a Brazilian lady who lives in Holland listing the 5 things one needs to know before emigrating.


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