With more than 20.000 Belgians living in Luxembourg, the Belgian community is one of the most active in the Grand-Duchy. Moreover, 45.000 Belgians commute every day to Luxembourg  for work. Find out more about Belgium in Luxembourg ! Contact us if you want to add more information about this community!

Ambassador(s) for this community:

Belgian people and community in Luxembourg

Belgian people are among the most represented foreign communities in Luxembourg with more than 20,000 Belgian nationals.

The Belgian community is one of the 3 communities to have developed the most for 5 years, from less than 17,000 in 2011 to 20,212 nationals in 2018 (Statec source).  It represents today the 4th largest community in Luxembourg.
Let us not forget also the 46,000 Belgian workers who cross the border every day to come and work to Luxembourg bringing their know-how especially in finance.

Many Belgians have Luxembourg nationality without having their residence in Luxembourg. Nearly 4% of the population living in Luxembourg City are Belgians. They are also most likely to live in cities close to the Belgian border, like Winseler (23.9% of the population) or Weiswampach (18.7%) among others.

Traditional and recurrent belgian events in Luxembourg

  • The Belgian national day on July 21st. It is usually celebrated in some restaurants like the Brasserie Bofferding or Um Plateau in Luxembourg.
  • Stand at International Bazaar in Luxembourg to find belgian products such as Dimpel (typical plush toys) or Philippe Geluck prints, belgian beers, waffles or chocolate, …


Our References in this community

Ambassade Belgique à Luxembourg

Residence Champagne : 4, Rue des Girondins L-1626 Luxembourg
contact :

Luxembourg Embassy in Belgium

Ambassade du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg à Bruxelles
75, avenue de Cortenbergh
B-1000 Bruxelles
contact :

Amitiés Belgo-Luxembourgeoises (ABELUX)

Address : B.P. 1866
L – 1018 Luxembourg

    Union Royale Belge Luxembourg (URB/BKV) Asbl

    L’Union royale belge (Koninklijke Verbond), l’association officielle des Belges vivant et/ou travaillant au Grand-Duché.


    Association regroupant les Flamands du Luxembourg, ainsi que les personnes issues des Flandres ou les pratiquants de la langue flamande.

    Facebook page

    Um Plateau

    “Bar où manger”… ou pour fêter la Fête Nationale Belge !

    6, Plateau Altmunster, L-1123 Luxembourg

    The Belgian Chocolate House

    Grand Rue 99 – L-1661 Luxembourg
    Les meilleurs chocolatiers de Belgique dans un seul et unique magasin !

    Page facebook

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