Austria and Luxembourg have some commun aspects: the are small countries but highly multicultural. Austrians in Luxembourg bring their contribution to the society through many cultural initiatives.

Ambassador(s) for this community:

In 2018, there are nearly 1.000 austrian people living in Luxembourg (source

Austrian events :

  • National Day October 26th, adoption of the Constitutional Act for Austrian Neutrality in 1955.
  • Austria has got a stand at the International Bazaar in Luxembourg, visitors can find products made in Austria, Christmas decorations like Advent wreaths.


Our References in this community

Embassy of Austria

Address : Ambassade d’Autriche à Luxembourg Ville, Luxembourg
3, rue des bains
1212 Luxembourg
Email :
Open hours : 10.00-12.30
Ambassador : Mr Gregor Schusterschitz

Embassy of Luxembourg in Austria

Embassy of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in Vienna
81, Sternwartestrasse

Österreichverein ASBL

Address : Postfach 377, L-2013 Luxembourg
Email :

  •  +352 691 261 055
Luxemburgisch-Österreichische Vereinigung

Address : 60, rue Basse, L-7307 Steinsel
Email :

  •  +352 33 27 37
Les Amis de l'Autriche

Address : 7, rue du Commerce, L-7307 Mamer

  •  +352 31 00 97
Österreichisch-Luxemburgische Gesellschaft

Address : 2, rue de Moutfort,
L-5310 Contern
Email :

Wiener Ball

Address : 3, rue des Bains L-1212


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