Austria and Luxembourg have some commun aspects: the are small countries but highly multicultural. Austrians in Luxembourg bring their contribution to the society through many cultural initiatives.

In 2019, there are nearly 1.000 austrian people living in Luxembourg (source

Austrian events :

  • National Day October 26th, adoption of the Constitutional Act for Austrian Neutrality in 1955.
  • Austria has got a stand at the International Bazaar in Luxembourg, visitors can find products made in Austria, Christmas decorations like Advent wreaths.


Our References in this community

Embassy of Austria

Address : Ambassade d’Autriche à Luxembourg Ville, Luxembourg
3, rue des bains
1212 Luxembourg
Email :
Open hours : 10.00-12.30
Ambassador : Mr Gregor Schusterschitz

Contact JAA Club : Claudia

Embassy of Luxembourg in Austria

Embassy of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in Vienna
81, Sternwartestrasse

Österreichverein ASBL

Address : Postfach 377, L-2013 Luxembourg
Email :

  •  +352 691 261 055
Luxemburgisch-Österreichische Vereinigung

Address : 60, rue Basse, L-7307 Steinsel
Email :

  •  +352 33 27 37
Les Amis de l'Autriche

Address : 7, rue du Commerce, L-7307 Mamer

  •  +352 31 00 97
Österreichisch-Luxemburgische Gesellschaft

Address : 2, rue de Moutfort,
L-5310 Contern
Email :

Wiener Ball

Address : 3, rue des Bains L-1212 Luxembourg

For many years, the Vienna Ball supports social organisations with therapeutic objectives for children.

From 2012 to 2015, the proceeds from the balls were donated to the Luxembourg Red Cross (Kannerhaus Jean).

The profits for 2017, amounting to €3,000, were donated to the Omega 90 Children service.

For the year 2019, the profits from the evening will go to the A.s.b.l. LEEDERWON in Betzdorf.


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