Luxembourg is well known for it’s incredible cutural mixity

Famously known for its incredible cultural diversity, Luxembourg has over time become a real home for many different nationalities. Every year, lots of foreignpeople arrive in Grand-Duchy or leave the country, taking with them their history, culture and traditions.

Thanks to this diversity, a wide range of communities are now active in Luxembourg, each with their own characteristics and peculiarities. Just Arrived‘s mission is to introduce them via a participatory and multicultural online information platform, the JAA Club.

Just Arrived communities to discover cultural diversity of Luxembourg

Through this section, you will find below the various foreign communities present in Luxembourg, the way they are represented and their activities.

To help you learn more about each community, Just Arrived offers a selection of photos, key information, contact persons, targeted references and thematic articles written by our ambassadors who are directly in contact with their nationality. Discover the cultural wealth of Luxembourg !

If you want your community to appear in our pages or if you wish to become an ambassador for Just Arrived, contact us at and we will get back to you !


List of communities by country


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