The CinEast film festival presents : The Citizen by Roland Vranik

The CinEast (ciné-East)  Central and Eastern European Film Festival will be held from 4-21 October  2018 in Luxembourg.Tomorrow 5th of October after the screening of the film « The Citizen »  a public debate is organized on the theme: « Refugees, asylum seekers and immigrants – the challenges of integration ».

The Citizen by Roland Vranik is about an African immigrant, Wilson, who is fighting against various obstacles while trying to get the Hungarian citizenship. Despite his refugee status,  he has integrated into Hungarian life and now considers the country to be his own. Nevertheless, the members of the naturalisation commission do not see him as a Hungarian and reject his application for citizenship several times.

The film raises fondamental questions …

What is integration? What makes a person « integrated »?
Does ‘successful integration’ necessarily mean assimilation and the erasure of one’s original identity?
Why strive to integrate into society in the first place? Is not enough to be integrated into a circle of friends, a community?
What are our societies doing to integrate those ‘who come from elsewhere’? Is it really up to institutions to integrate newcomers or is it up to all of us?

What more could we do to ensure successful integration and a more harmonious and fraternal society?
Finally, why does the refugee issue divide us so much – in many Eastern European countries, but also in Western societies? Every ‘other’ challenges us but sometimes it is more convenient to ignore these questions and stay with one’s certainties.

A fine panel will debate on those challenging questions

The debate, following the screening, will be led by a panel composed by the following people:

  • Marcelo Cake-Baly, main actor of the film
  • Cassie Adélaïde (Passerell asbl)
  • Karolina Markiewicz (film director)
  • Serge Kollwelter (ASTI)
  • Tarek Alnabhan (sociologist, beneficiary of international protection)

Moderation: Radek Lipka
Language: English (questions also possible in French)

Practical info :

  • Date: Friday 5th of October
  • Time: 18h30 film, « The Citizen » by Roland Vranik, 20h00 the debate
  • Where: Abbaye de Neumünster, salle Krieps
  • The debate will be followed by a Balkan Party event in Melusina: more details here.

Finally very interesting to know, who is the actor of the film and he was recruited?
MARCELO CAKE-BALY was born in 1958 in Guinea-Bissau. He was only four years old when the War of Independence broke out and, at the age of 14, he, like every boy, entered the volunteer army. Later on, he went to a boarding school in Senegal then returned home to Guinea at the end of the war. He was offered a scholarship and went to Hungary in 1979 where he went to high school and university. He got a degree in economics and after his studies he settled down for a family life. He has worked at many different places, but unfortunately never in the field of economics which he studied. He became the main protagonist of The Citizen by pure chance – the director approached him on the street and told him about the idea. Since Marcelo encounters the very same problems that are pictured in the film every day, he accepted the role.

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