Business etiquette is an intercultural communication tool

If a diplomat says “Yes”, it means “We will think about it”,
If a diplomat says “We will think about it”, it means “No”
If a diplomat says “No”, it is no longer a diplomat

« Same rules for a Proper Lady « 

Back at home I had a start up company – School of Etiquette. People say it is an unusual business. For me, it was a natural continuation of everything I had done before in my academic and professional life.

About five years ago at the European Business Association event in Kiev I had a landmark meeting with a lady who was in my country with her husband, a Swiss Ambassador in Ukraine. She had a private business – Image Coaching – and shared her experience. I never heard this term before. At that moment, I realized that everything I had done in my career led me to this very point. I now knew what I would be happy to do in the rest of my life. It was called ETIQUETTE – a part of Image Coaching program.

We made friends with Mrs Barbara, she blessed me and I started market investigations. There were not many competitors in the market. The quality of services offered was not high. I am a perfectionist to some extent. I decided I would develop only high quality products. I gathered a team of the best trainers in various etiquette areas, developed courses for all levels of population – starting from five year olds to professional VIPs, separate courses for men and women, companies. We offered open courses, individual consultations and corporate trainings. It was quite successful and the school gained good reputation.

The course which I chose as my major was Business Etiquette. If you ask me to give a definition of it, I would rather say, that in general it is the main tool in the Art of Communication. Everyone could master it and apply in a professional career no matter whether you are a fresher or a savvy executive. However Business Etiquette is a game with strict rules. The higher you are climbing the mountain the stricter they would be for you if you want to enhance personal effectiveness and outclass your competitors.

Business Etiquette includes a lot of components. A contemporary professional must know how to make the right first impression and keep it lasting: think of your body language, control your voice, talk with grace and respect, dress for success, mind protocol and courtesy, dine with style, go intercultural and diverse, present your manners in cyber world, etc.

Besides, if you want to profit professionally you should become an Ambassador for yourself and your company and think of your ambassador skills – demonstrate your charisma, confidence and interest in others, be a good networker, prepare well to prevent poor performance, command the art of small talk. You should invest time and money in yourself, learn to use Business Etiquette – the vocabulary of success.

Business Etiquette is a combination of various skills though I always say that the most important in ETIQUETTE is RESPECT of one person to another. If you keep it in mind your communication will be pleasant, effective and mutually beneficial.

I hope I would have further opportunity to continue our conversation with you about ETIQUETTE as this topic is endless.

Meanwhile I wish you all the best.


Angela Domasova – Etiquette consultant

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