Wafaa Abo Zarifa


"A positive ambition in life gave me the strength to challenge the odds and overcome the difficulties. Thank to that I achieved a lot of what I desired."

    My name is Wafaa, I graduated from the university with a very good grade. I then specialized in media studies and  volunteered in a number of associations that promote human rights, especially women rights in Palestine. While working as a journalist in a number of local newspapers, I focused on writing about the political and socio-economic aspect of the reality with a particular interest in telling humanitarian stories.

    After having being involved in a number of projects promoting the exchange of cultures and experiences between Eastern and Western countries, I worked as a project coordinator and as a young leadership trainer. I prepared television and radio programs and documented the various wars that my city, the Gaza strip,  faced.

    One year and 6 months ago “life”, the chance took me to Luxembourg where I recently obtained all the documents that allow me to be a resident in Luxembourg.

    I like to be active in the community.  I have recently founded, with some peers,  an association called “Integration Media”, with which I hope to be able to achieve many projects on which I’m working on.

    I would like to say that Luxembourg has given me  the security and peace that I have been deprived of in my motherland and the freedom that I dreamt of for many years. I am grateful to the Luxembourg, but this has not prevented me from continuing to love my culture, wanting to share it with others as well as learning about others’ culture.

    I appreciate very much in Luxembourg the manner in which the Duke and the Duchess deal with citizens, and the policies pursued by the Luxembourg government to create a compatible civil society in various fields, and the most interesting things that caught my attention in Luxembourg is the cultural diversity and the obvious community mix.
    I enjoy it here; I was surprised by some things of which I would like to write about  in the blog.

    I can describe my life here by some feelings such as : Security, New lifestyle, Patience.

    I have good relation with Luxembourg city, because it’s the first city which have welcomed me after a long journey.
    I have in Luxembourg  good memories. Luxembourg is my sweet home, my love, my darling friends, my work …. Vianden, the second city which I love, it’s very beautiful, I love the castle of Vianden,  it really describes Luxembourgish history.

    I joined the JAA Club because I love to share my culture with others by at the same time learning about others culture.

    Do you want to know an arabic word difficult to be translated in other languages?
    keffiyeh” or “kufiy“, a  traditional men headdress that a has become the symbol of Palestinian struggle.


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