Sophie Dreisbach


"I want to collect memories from all over the world!"

    Hi everyone !
    I am French. My husband is German, so Luxembourg is absolutely the right place for us! We love to travel, to meet people. We lived in several different countries. We always learned a lot about the country and about ourselves.

    What studies did you do and what is your main activity?

    My main activity is at home. I am creative and busy. I belong to several associations and I am a volunteer in different occasions. Latetly “The Luxembourg City Film Frestival”.

    How long have you been in Luxembourg?

    We lived in Luxembourg for 16 years. Quite a long time, but time goes quite quickly.

    Which reason took you to Luxembourg?

    Work and weather! Kidding (for the second one)! As a french-german couple, Luxembourg is ideal for our kids: they will (and they did) learn both languages on top of Luxembourgish and English.

    Tell us few things that have surprised you when first arrived?

    Small but not so easy. At that time it was quite difficult to get in touch with other people. Difficult to get the information. It seems like France, but it is not France. It seems like Germany, but it is not Germany. So, at that time it was not so easy to get some help.

    Can you give me 3 adjectives to describe your life in the Grand Duchy?

    • Multicultural: you are always meeting people with different backgrounds and nationalities.
    • Secure: Ok, sometimes, there is some action, but you feel quite secure with your kids as well.
    • Travelling: it is so small, that it is very easy to go abroad and visit.

    What aspect of Luxembourg would you miss if you had to leave tomorrow?

    The organization of Luxembourg: everything is in order (well, nearly, there is always some progress to do…) and clean (most of the people respect) and the consciousness of environmental problems (most families do the effort to sorting bins and more).

    Tell us what is your preferred district in Luxembourg and why?

    Remich, with the Moselle River and its nice walks, cafes and atmosphere. And it is next to the wonderful vineyards!

    Can you give me one word in your language which is impossible to translate into other languages?

    La vache ! / Vachement / C’est Vache
    It’s true, French uses several expressions that contain the word « cow »!
    « La vache ! » : Expresses astonishment, we say it when we are surprised (whether positive or negative)
    « Vachement » : Informal word meaning « very », « a lot », « really », « extremely », « highly »,…
    « Être vache » : someone who is « cow » is someone who is nasty or daring. Something « cow » means something mean.



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