Samah Ahmed


"The cultural diversity of Luxembourg makes a wonderful mosaic. Being here is about pluralism…about bringing together our ethnicity, culture, and individuality into a wholesome society, filled with positivity, good vibes, and giving back."

    What studies did you do and what is your main activity?

    I have an M.A. in Public Policy from the American University in Cairo, and a B.A in English Literature. I worked as an editor, language instructor, translator, and have extensive experience in higher education.

    How long have you been in Luxembourg?

    One year and 5 months.

    Which reason took you to Luxembourg?

    Study at the Université de Luxembourg.

    Tell us few things that have surprised you when first arrived?

    Multi-lingualism, frontaliers, and serenity.

    Can you give me 3 adjectives to describe your life in the Grand Duchy?

    Content, fulfilled and inquisitive.

    What aspect of Luxembourg would you miss if you had to leave tomorrow?

    Castles on my daily commute.

    Tell us what is your preferred district in Luxembourg and why?

    I love the whole country.

    Can you give me one word in your language which is impossible to translate into other languages?

    The word is  WAFFART . It is a teasingly a funny term used when you offer something, or food to someone and he/she declines to take it, WAFFART means: “great, this way you have spared me so much money I was about to spend on you.”

    For which reason have you decided to join the JUST ARRIVED Ambassadors club?

    I feel grateful for all the positivity and love that surrounded me when I first reached Luxembourg. Helping others integrate, is my way of giving back. JAA Luxembourg embraces diversity and turns it into a pluralistic society, where everyone is encouraged to bring their own culture, background, food and spices into this beautifully positive environment, where everyone is willing to connect and integrate.





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