Oksana Polyanska



    Originally from Ukraine, grow up in Siberia, studied in Germany, worked for American and European companies at executive management level, currently learn French and enjoy my job as a cultural mediator at CercleCité. Married, have son 12 years old. Love to discover new places, visit art exhibitions, Latina-dance and wind-surfing.

    What studies did you do and what is your main activity?

    Twofold education: university degree in history and management school. I work as an art-educator privately helping kids & teens increase their visual literacy, foster respect to the cultural heritage and understand the development of civilization through architecture and art. Besides it, I work for the different art-projects on freelance basis and render support to the artists combining my education and passion for visual arts.

    How long have you been in Luxembourg?

    3,5 years

    Which reason took you to Luxembourg?

    The war in Ukraine forced us the review the values. After several months of hesitation and doubts, we put the safety as a highest priority and decided to move out. It was not easy to leave Kiev with well-paid jobs and a lot of other advantages, but we were lucky to come to this unique country where we don’t feel ourselves as a strangers.

    Tell us few things that have surprised you when first arrived?

    Culture of driving, sincere respect to the Grand-Ducal family, people consider the responsibility for general well-being as something personal and in natural way, e.g.to keep the streets clean.

    Can you give me 3 adjectives to describe your life in the Grand Duchy?

    Up-side down ? (compared to Ukraine).

    What aspect of Luxembourg would you miss if you had to leave tomorrow?

    Multiculturalism and tolerance.

    Tell us what is your preferred district in Luxembourg and why?

    The observation spot near St. Michael’s Church and MNHA, where you can from one side admire the beautiful view of Grund, Sigfrid’s Castle – Hollow Tooth` Ruin, modern business-quarters in Kirchberg, which makes you feel on the cross-point of the different epochs and from another side, the strong energy of the old city is very perceptible here. It’s like mediation allowing you to connect with Luxembourg and feel protected inside of a huge impregnable fortress.

    For which reason have you decided to join the JUST ARRIVED Ambassadors club?

    Because the mission of Ambassadors Club is in line with my personal philosophy: I am very open-minded, interested in exchange and like to share with others something helpful and useful. I do it in everyday life as well, but there are a bigger variety of opportunities to help others to integrate.





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