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    Liliane Samaha

    Liliane and Guitta are sisters and arrived together in Luxembourg more then 20 years ago. They will be together the JAA Club ambassadors for Lebanon.

    How long have you two been in Luxembourg?

    We have been in Luxembourg for more than 25 years; we work for the financial sector.

    Which reason took you to Luxembourg?

    We came to Luxembourg for family reason and have built our lives, families. At the beginning, it was not easy, coming from a country where the 4 seasons are well defined to a country, where most of the time it is grey and rainy but the people are warm.

    How was your integration ?

    The integration was easy for us, mainly because in our country we learn to speak up to three languages (English, French and Arabic). Luxembourg is a safe and stable country, in the heart of Europe, and has a high standard of education and is culturally very rich.

    What aspect of Luxembourg would you miss if you had to leave tomorrow?

    If I have to leave Luxembourg, I will miss the cultural diversity which is so valuable, hearing different languages, working with different nationalities…… having friends from around the globe is quite unique … .

    Favorite district in Luxembourg?

    My favorite part of Luxembourg is the Grund. It is a very pretty and small waterside down the valley; the main joy is the café…. Shopping while strolling through the walkways down from the old Town and on over to Clausen.

    Can you tell us a word in your language that is not easily translatable in other languages?

    Arabic word we often use in my country: Ahlan wa sahlan (Arabic: أهْلاً وَسَهْلاً) is a very old-fashioned expression used in the Arab world to express “Welcome to our place”.

    For which reason have you decided to join the JUST ARRIVED Ambassadors club?

    My ultimate objective or reason for joining the JUST ARRIVED Ambassadors club is: to welcome new comers, accelerate their integration, and assist them in not feeling isolated. Communication and cultural exchange between communities…


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