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    Hi Eva. What is your story with Luxembourg ?

    I grew up in Germany, in Saarbrücken, not very far away from Luxembourg. After my studies, I first moved to Frankfurt and after that to Munich. Shortly after I had my twins in 2003, my husband got a job offer from Luxembourg. Then, we decided to move here, initially only for 2-3 years.

    I worked then in paralegal jobs here, but stopped working after my 4th child. I now write articles for the “Luxemburger Wort” and am always happy when I can join my husband for his business trips. When we are away, I always find beautiful things. I sometimes sell them at “vente privées” that I organize together with friends.

    What studies did you do and what is your main activity?

    I studied law and history of art in Germany. I worked as a lawyer in Frankfurt and Munich before I moved to Luxembourg.

    How long have you been in Luxembourg?

    For 12 years already…since 2005.

    Which reason took you to Luxembourg?

    I followed my husband who came for his job to Luxembourg.

    Tell us few things that have surprised you when first arrived?

    When we arrived to Luxembourg, I really had to get used to the fact that the shops in the city center closed at 6pm. The city was empty in the evening, something I didn`t know from Munich. I was surprised in a very positive way how international Luxembourg is and how easy it is to get to know to people here.

    Can you give me 3 adjectives to describe your life in the Grand Duchy?

    International, child-friendly, carefree.

    What aspect of Luxembourg would you miss if you had to leave tomorrow?

    Diversity: we know people from all over the world here and you often switch from one language to another in a conversation.

    Tell us what is your preferred district in Luxembourg and why?

    Belair. We live in this district, it`s like a village and you often meet people you know on the street. It`s a green neighborhood and in walking distance to the city center.

    Do you go often out to eat and if yes what is your favourite type of cuisine?

    In general, our family likes a lot to go to restaurants. But honestly, we are often a bit disappointed here in Luxembourg… In my opinion, the restaurants here are sometimes too expensive for what you get and the service isn`t always professional. But there are some good restaurants like f.e. “Il riccio” and “Le fin gourmand”. I really like all type of cuisines but always prefer fresh and light food.

    Can you give me one word in your language which is impossible to translate into other languages?

    “Guten Rutsch” (literally “slide good”). You would translate it as “Happy new year” but it is not exactly that. You only wish this to people before the new year has began. In the beginning of the new year, you wish then “Happy new year”.

    For which reason have you decided to join the JUST ARRIVED Ambassadors club?

    I like meeting new people and am always interested in other people`s biography. I think it`s important to have someone who welcomes you and gives you advice when you arrive in a new city. When I arrived in Luxembourg, I didn`t know anybody and it took quite a long time to get all the information I needed. Other people don`t have to have this experience too.


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