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    Anna Radischevskia came from Russia to Luxembourg in 1992 subsequent to the Russian economy crisis.

    She was transferred from her office administrator post in the Russian Social Services Ministry to occupy the Russian translation office administrator position at the European Parliament. She then taught Russian in the European Parliament and in language schools. Then, she held a position in the Luxembourgian Swiss Bank for 2 years while continuing to teach Russian in parallel.

    In 1996, one of her students told her that East West was seeking for an Executive Secretary. Ever since, she has made a great career path within the banking sector. Today, she is the head of the Marketing and Communication Department with a team of 5 people to manage. On the other hand, Anna is the founder and Director of the Kalinka Russian school.

    Can you give us 3 adjectives to describe your life in Luxembourg?

    Very active, engaged and happy.

    Tell us few things that have surprised you when you first arrived to Luxembourg ?

    Public transport, in particular the buses with heating and air conditioning system. And punctuality. A dream for someone like me coming from Moscow. Indeed, in Russia, one can wait a long time in the cold with absolutely no idea when the bus would arrive.

    Another thing that astonished me are the small luxembourgian villages which are very neat. They really seem to be luxurious agglomerations compared to the villages in Russia.

    Tell us one thing that you would miss of Luxembourg if you had to leave the country tomorrow. 

    It depends on where I’ll go but I really like the size of the country. In major cities, distances involve lost time in transport. Here, everything is accessible on foot. While being able to do everything on foot, i earn a lot in quality of life.

    Moreover, i also find the ease of administrative procedures very pleasant, as well as the accessibility of people who hold powerful positions.

    What is your favourite place in Luxembourg ? Why is this your favourite place ?

    The city of luxembourg in general, and particularly the area of Belair, where i live. I also like walking around the Petrusse.

    What feeling do you have when you are in this place the Petrusse ?

    In the Petrusse, I breathe nature and history at the same time.

    Your secret address in Luxembourg ?

    I love going to the restaurant la Bergamote à Luxembourg-Ville.

    Where do we find you at lunch time ?

    I go almost every day in a residence located in the Semois Street to eat with my mom who lives there.

    Talking about food did your way of cooking changed since your arrival in Luxembourg?

    I completely changed my eating habits. At the Soviet time in Russia, we had to be very creative to cook reasonable meals with the very few ingredients that we had at our disposal. The variety of products I found here opened up a brand new food universe.


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