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Angela Domasova


"None is in vain in our life. All is either for positive changes or for our experience"

    Hello everybody! My name is Angela Domasova and I represent Ukraine.

    First of all, I’d like to thank the founders of the JAA Club for a unique opportunity to be part of the international community created for people living in Luxembourg.

    During my life, I have had an extensive experience of studying, working and socializing with representatives of various countries and cultures. I have two university degrees – one in Linguistics and the other in Law. I studied EFL in the UK. Being a University lecture and later on a Project Manager at the Uni International Dept, I coordinated TACIS projects related to the exchange of students and lecturers in cooperation with universities from the UK, Germany, Canada, Italy.
    My next step was a job in the Global International Project developed in Ukraine and funded by the EBRD – Shelter Implementation Plan at Chernobyl NPP. My colleagues were people from the USA, France, Germany, the UK, Portugal, Japan, etc. We learned from each other to respect the cultural specifics of each population and to use the best practices for reaching common goals together.
    Another important period of my life was a job at Allianz Ukraine, which is a subdivision of Allianz Germany. Being the Head of HR I was immediately involved in global HR projects of the company. One of the Allianz values is diversity. The world is big and small at the same time. We need to learn how to respect others and ourselves to live a prosperous and happy life.
    The last what I did before coming to Luxembourg with my husband who was offered a position here was a start-up project “Kiev School of Etiquette”.  It was a successful idea and very demanding by the society. I created a pool of trainers who were specialists in various etiquette disciplines. My major was Business Etiquette – the art of communication.

    I had a difficult choice – either to quit and go to Luxembourg or to stay and continue the project in Kiev. We have three daughters. The eldest studies Movie Direction at Warsaw Film School and the other two are 15 year old twins finishing secondary education. The decision was made in favor of the younger daughters. Moving to Luxembourg means a great opportunity for them to become cosmopolitan, international and to open the world for themselves.
    We do not regret at all, of cause. Living in Luxembourg for a certain period of time now, we have realized it was the only right decision. Luxembourg is the country where people have hundreds of ways open. Just do not be lazy and go!

    We have been opening Luxembourg for ourselves yet. The most surprising thing was to learn that there is such an international country just in the middle of Europe where everybody feels at home independent of nationality, age or religion. The feeling of security, order and coziness. Everything one needs is at his disposal.
    Coming from Ukraine, I found it challenging to organize our living in the beginning. Looking for an apartment, obtaining residence, settling children at school, shopping – a lot of things were, let’s say, different. I would feel better if I had someone to give me a piece of advice in the beginning. That is why, passing alone through this experience I am ready now to share it with those who are just arrived and start their path.

    My favorite district of Luxembourg is Limpertsberg. It is the closest point to everything. There are supermarkets, sport halls, kindergartens, a cinema, a number of very cozy restaurants. Plus which is very important to us, my daughters’ school is also here and there is an English department in it!
    If I had to leave this country, I would definitely miss politeness of people, clear administrative procedures, very comfortable transport system and fresh air.

    I am ready to share my knowledge, skills and experience so that people coming from my country have a smooth transition period and join the international community.


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