Ambassadors Around the world

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Wafaa Abo Zarifa


"A positive ambition in life gave me the strength to challenge the odds and overcome the difficulties. Thank to that I"...

Sirkka Antiala


Joanne Petitto

 United States

Agne Sileikaite


Liliane Samaha


Angela JAA ambassador for Ukraine

Angela Domasova


"None is in vain in our life. All is either for positive changes or for our experience

Omar Turki

Tunisia  Tunisia

Sophie Dreisbach


"I want to collect memories from all over the world!

Garbriella Moya


"My heart is made of the extraordinary people I met and the experiences I lived.

Claire Jordan


"'We carry our homes within us, which enables us to fly' John Cage

Zina Manhal



Djenita Cacan


Malina Sirotic

Croatia flag  Croatia

"It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.

Myrella Weber

Mauritius  Mauritius

Katalin Halasz


"“I Want to Ride My Bicycle” (Queen)

Monica Ferrari

it_IT  Italy

"This is my chance.




Dana Moldoveanu



Nour Jaara


"I was taught to be respectful, eager to learn and passionate about what I do.

Fanny Ragot



Maria Berg


"Take the risk or lose the chance!

Venci Chipeva


Judith Völz

Germany, german flag  Germany

"It’s the people who make you feel at home.

Vilma Ninka


Nadege Morin


Aws Al Omar



Luciele Milani


Filipa Grancho


"I believe we are better when we are together !

Neha Bhandari


"IBCL, Indian Business Chamber of Luxembourg; IAL, Indian Association Luxembourg asbl; Hindu Forum

Klaudia Sauerova

 Czech Republic

"Everybody has an inner light. Light it up.

Orie Duplay

 South Korea

"There is no problem that can't be solved.


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