Why the JAA Club?

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Moving and settling to a new country is never easy. Cultural differences, new customs, getting use to the everyday life, finding your own way through local administration, children education, acquiring a personal network of support etc… are some of the issues that every expat in Luxembourg have to tackle.

To this extent, the support from people having gone through the same integration process is very helpful. Also, when settling in a new country, it is quite common to look for help within its own community of origin.

That is why JUST ARRIVED SARL, the reference website and guide for expatriates in Luxembourg created the  JAA Club in October 2016. The main goal is to provide intercultural information, and thus improve integration and links between all communities living in the Grand Duchy. In April 2017 the JAAClub has established as a non- profit organization (Asbl). 

Laurent Ollier, President of JAA Club ASBL and Owner of Just Arrived SARL

What is the JAA Club ?

The JUST ARRIVED Ambassadors’ Club is an association that was created to provide an intercultural support to expats in Luxembourg.
The aim of the JAA Club association is to provide a multicultural platform built by people, the citizen-ambassadors of different nationalities, associations or organization appearing as an intercultural entity representative of communities present in Luxembourg, crucial for the integration of foreigners in the Grand Duchy.

Also, the JAA Club association, as multicultural group, makes of diversity the foundation of a successful and rich integration thus avoiding any tendency of isolating in one nationality.

The main objectives of the JAA Club association:

  • Improve the expats integration support in Luxembourg
  • Overcome any kind of isolation and accelerate the creation of point of references
  • Stimulate the discovery and exchange between communities living in Luxembourg
  • Develop a different vision of our daily life and open up new horizons
  • Create actions through the realization of integration projects in Luxembourg with a social and cultural aim.

What are the main activities of JAA Club?

  • Communicate on socio-cultural events to a wide audience – events tab
  • Distribute articles directly related to the life and landmarks of your community in Luxembourg to make it known and share its highlights – blog tab
  • Highlight public figures from communities in order to facilitate integration and intercultural exchange in Luxembourg – blog tab
  • Produce information about communities to facilitate the integration of expats and networking within it, but also to provide an audience from other communities – communities tab

These activities would be realized through Ambassadors who write for the blog, add information and share insights in the communities pages,  produce and/or display events.
The JAA Club web site has been conceived with the purpose to offer these ambassadors a practical and useful tool to achieve those actions.

How becoming a Just Arrived Ambassador?

You can join anytime the JAA Club and become an ambassador of your multicultural association or organisation in Luxembourg.  To do so, just contact us through the contact form or write for more information to: contact@jaaclub.org.


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