Curiosities about Luxembourg when arriving in the courtry as an expatriate

5 oddities when I arrived in Luxembourg as a Russian expatriate

Different cultural habits, another living standards, … Many things may surprise you and look very odd for you when arriving and living in another country than yours. Victoria, our russian ambassador of JUST ARRIVED tells us 5 things that have surprised her when she arrived from Russia and settled in Luxembourg.

Luxemburgish Public transport ? Buses, that’s all !

In Luxembourg there are no metro, no trains nor mini buses that are so typical for Moscow. There are no trolley buses or tramways. In luxembourg, the main city public transport is the bus. For me this was a real surprise and it looks really odd and curious- especially when I saw that buses have a schedule exact to the minute. What is most amazing is that buses actually following this schedule!

The little size of the city of Luxembourg

What is still surprising for me, after a year living in Luxembourg-City is its little size. It is so small that during your lunch break, you can do a lot of things, including meet your friends !  I’m sure that those who live in Moscow or in any other big Russian city will understand me. In Moscow I could meet my friends, at most, once a month. Meeting is always complicated due to large distances and traffic.
While in Luxembourg it is easy to meet at lunch time and very often it happens spontaneously. I really like it!

A lot of networking events

If you are new in Luxembourg you can easily build new connections thanks to numerous  networking events.  A great number of events are organised for business, for people who have plans to start a business, for women, for wine lovers, for sport lovers and so on… And again, if you attend the same event twice, you could meet there people that you already saw at the previous meeting.

So many languages spoken in Luxembourg

The government of Luxembourg is interested in the quick integration of foreigners. Many language courses are organised by public institutions and they are really affordable.
Attending a language class is also a good opportunity to find new friends from all over the world.  If you want to attend a language class at the INL (Institut National des Langues in Luxembourg), for instance, be aware of the tight deadlines to sign in. Language classes are higly demanded. For the same reason classes are quite big with around 25 people attending to lessons.

Renting a room is really expensive

I was really shocked by the high price to rent a room. A very simple room with shared bathroom and toilet, could cost about 500€ in Kirchberg! In Moscow, you could get a separate flat for this price! If you are a student, you could rent a place in a dormitory, with shared kitchen, for 350 €. Outside of the Luxembourg-city rooms are quite cheaper.

Victoria Lanskikh
Russian ambassador for the JUST ARRIVED Ambassador Club
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